Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mae West: Connie Hines

MAE WEST was featured on "Mr. Ed" along with the program's familiar TV couple Wilbur and Carol Post, played by Alan Young and Connie Hines. Connie was 30 yeas old when she auditioned for the role in 1961. Afterwards, she hung around at a California gas station, because there was no phone in her apartment, awaiting her agent's call.
• • Born in Dedham, Massachusetts in the month of March — — on 24 March 1931 — — she was trained for the demands of show business by her family. She told interviewers that she caught the acting bug when she appeared on stage in "Life with Father," playing the role of Mary, with her father in the title role.
• • When Connie Hines died on Friday, 18 December 2009 at her home in Beverly Hills, her on-screen husband Alan Young told the Los Angeles Times, "I lost a great friend. She was always joyous." She was 79 and the cause of death was from complications of heart problems.
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• • It seems that the motion picture “Dinah East” [90 mins., 1970] is about to be remastered and released. Andy Warhol protege Ultra Violet is in the cast. Gene Nash wrote the script and directed.
• • Movie reviewer Amos Lassen writes: There are dramatic elements and the movie rises above the usual exploitation schlock we once had. It has the look of docudrama is it relates to the life of Dinah East, an actress, who is discovered to be male after his (her) death. I have also learned that the reason that this movie has not been seen for a very long time is because Mae West instituted legal action against it shortly after it was released because of the rumors that she was actually a man. “Dinah East” is a movie that was way ahead of its time. It is a wonderful look at what Hollywood was in those days. Jeremy Stockwell is Dinah East and he portrays her with warmth and dignity. ...
• • Source: Article: "Dinah East" written by Amos Lassen for his new site; posted on 23 March 2011
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