Monday, May 03, 2010

Mae West: Chickadee Defined

Did MAE WEST ever ponder the eternal question: "What is a chickadee?"
• • "My little chickadee" is the catchy phrase (in lyrical iambic meter) most associated with W.C. Fields. The actor first used it during a scene in "If I Had a Million" [1932] to address his co-star Alison Skipworth (who also appeared that year opposite Mae West and George Raft in "Night after Night").
• • The motion picture classic "My Little Chickadee" [1940] ends with this exchange:
• • • Cuthbert J. Twillie (Fields): "Come up and see me sometime."
• • • Flower Belle Lee (West): "Mmm, I will, my little chickadee."
• • According to naturalist and bird watcher Jim McCormac, who writes a column for The Columbus Dispatch: Real chickadees are a long jump cuter than Fields ever was, and they rival Mae West in flashy good looks. Not only are chickadees cute, they're bold, inquisitive and charismatic. . . .
• • Speaking of bold, "My Little Chickadee" was a box-office hit, grossing upwards of $20 million in the United States alone. And that ain't bird feed, honey.

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