Friday, May 07, 2010

Mae West: Alabaster

Just when you thought you had heard all the well-known sayings of MAE WEST — — and you figured could correctly identify which motion picture a line came from — — a wrinkle winks.
• • Rick Owens recently traveled to the USA to spit and polish his furniture exhibition, gaily named "Pavane for a Dead Princess," which will open in New York City on 25 June 2010. Meanwhile, when he's not channeling Ravel, Owens has been hitting up more reporters than the former mistresses of ink-stained Jesse James have. Owens gave a long, exhausting interview to Women's Wear Daily about Mae West, Kelly Cutrone, and the seductive side of alabaster. Hooray, it's not just for tombs and funeral urns anymore. Edgar Allen Poe, are you listening?
• • Well-known for his unusual creations (such as Cubist chairs with antlers, a must for every horn-loving household) and massive beds constructed entirely of alabaster — — eminently suitable for the cast of "Twilight" or for those who live in an industrial loft where the floors were used to supporting the heft of a printing press — — Rick Owens credits as his inspiration Mae West, who once said: "A real lady ... never sits when she can recline." Quote unquote.

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