Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mae West: Old Gold Polished

Musician Gene Austin, at the request of MAE WEST, wrote several new pieces for her — — including “I'm an Occidental Woman (in an Oriental Mood for Love),” featured in "Klondike Annie." This motion picture was released in the month of February — — on 21 February 1936.
• • Word comes that Grammy-winning Americana-guitar virtuoso Duke Robillard and singer Sunny Crownover polished this old gold on "Tales from the Tiki Lounge" (Blue Duchess Records).
• • One reviewer gave his opinion: “Tales from the Tiki Lounge” is a quirkier proposition, with the recording atmosphere evoking vintage radio shows. The old tunes can seem odd now, such as Gene Austin’s slinky movie exotica for Mae West: “Occidental Woman (in an Oriental Mood for Love).” Sunny Crownover’s voice is usually the essence of womanly calm (the opposite of Mae West’s sexual relish), but she manages to evoke her own, cooler sort of naughtiness. ...

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