Friday, January 23, 2009

Mae West: Bud and Mavis

The pairing of MAE WEST with Cary Grant was so successful that Paramount wanted to continue it for "Go West, Young Man" — — but Grant declined. That is why his intimate buddy Randolph Scott [who was born in the month of January] came to be cast opposite the Brooklyn bombshell.
• • The script was based on Lawrence Dudley's play "Personal Appearance." Mae plays a movie star named Mavis Arden who gets stranded at a remote rural inn, while on a personal appearance tour with her press agent Morgan. Fortunately, the tedium is broken when she encounters a handsome fresh-faced mechanic Bud Norton.
• • This bud does not wilt when faced with a mega-watt star, and the two find they have, at least, a few things in common.
• • "Go West, Young Man" was released on 18 November 1936.
• • Born on 23 January 1898 in Virginia, Randolph Scott's acting career began in 1928.
• • A handsome leading man in comedies, dramas, and an occasional adventure role, Scott finally did "Go WEST" and became a screen cowboy. And when he began focusing on westerns in the late 1940s, Randolph Scott reached his greatest stardom. His screen persona altered into that of a stoic, craggy, and uncompromising figure — — a tough, hard-bitten man seemingly unconnected to the light comedy romantic lead he had been during the 1930s.
• • He died at age 89 on 2 March 1987 in Beverly Hills, California.
• • • • Memorable quotes from Go West, Young Man • • • •
• • Morgan: You're a great star and can't take a risk. Your private life has got to be an open book.
• • Mavis Arden: I'm just looking for someone to read it.
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Mae West.

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