Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mae West: 15 January 1936

It was 15 January 1936 and MAE WEST was feeling the chill.
• • Her ally Emanuel Cohen [1892 — 1977] had packed up his bags at Paramount, which started to feel as friendly and cozy as the North Pole under the new studio boss Ernst Lubitsch.
• • Born in Berlin in the month of January [on 28 January 1892], Ernst Lubitsch had a domineering manner that quickly cooled cordial relations with many individuals under the Paramount Pictures roof. Appearing one day in Mae West's on-set dressing room to scold her, Ernst Lubitsch soon found himself hammered by a hand mirror. As he beat a retreat, a group of extras cheered the outcome.
• • Despite the momentary satisfaction Mae must have felt, before long Variety Magazine was reporting doom and gloom on Hollywood and Vine.
• • According to Variety — — issued on 15 January 1936 — — Mae West had been warned that she must strictly follow orders and that Paramount's production chief would not tolerate any challenges or deviations. Several directors found letters to that effect in their mailboxes as well.

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Mae West.

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