Monday, January 12, 2009

Mae West: Adrian Morris

Character actor Adrian Morris played a minor role in a MAE WEST motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday" [1937].
• • Born in Mount Vernon, NY in the month of January — — on 12 January 1903? (1907?) — — Adrian Michael Morris was the younger son of the prominent Broadway actors William Morris and Etta Hawkins. Adrian was the younger brother of stage and film star Chester Morris.
• • In 1931, he made his (uncredited) screen debut in "Arizona" and his parts were usually the minor supporting roles: a policeman, a gangster, etc.
• • He played a henchman in "Every Day's a Holiday."
• • The other colorful characters he played included the chatty carpetbagger — — who promised a gathering of freed slaves that they'd each receive "40 acres and a mule" — — in "Gone With the Wind" [1939]. He was memorable as the heartless hiring agent who delivers impossible ultimatums to the transient "Okies" in "The Grapes of Wrath" [1940].
• • In the space of a decade, Adrian Michael Morris appeared in over seventy features — — often unbilled or sometimes billed as Michael Morris.
• • His career was cut short. Adrian Morris died in Los Angeles, California on 30 November 1941.

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