Friday, July 25, 2008

Mae West: Skip to July 25

MAE WEST clashed on the set of "Night After Night" [1932] while she was in a couple of scenes with veteran actress Alison Skipworth.
• • The portly British-trained thespian, suspecting that the younger woman would steal the scene by injecting it with jolt of energy, told the director that Mae West's timing was off.
• • "You forget," she declared, turning to West, "I've been an actress for forty years."
• • "Don't worry, dear," West tartly replied. "I'll keep your secret."
• • Alison Skipworth was born in July in London, England on 25 July 1863.
• • Skipworth also died in the month of July on 5 July 1952 in New York City.
• • In August 1932, Paramount Pictures began production on "Night After Night"; the Prohibition-themed story, conceived as a vehicle for George Raft, was released in theatres on 30 October 1932. George Raft plays Joe Anton, a former speakeasy owner and gangster who longs to be a gentleman and is being tutored by Mrs. Jellyman [Alison Skipworth].
• • Mae West did her best to dress up a bland bit part with her witty lines, industrial strength charisma, and rapid-fire energy. Paramount Pictures realized that it was "love at first sight" between the studio and this box-office baby. Here's a humorous exchange:
• • Mrs. Jellyman: Do you believe in love at first sight?
• • Maudie Triplett: I dunno, but it saves an awful lot of time.
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Mae West.

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