Monday, July 28, 2008

Mae West: Pyjama Party

They're back in style: those glamorous and practical pyjama pants and cocktail suits that were enjoyed by screen queens such as MAE WEST and Greta Garbo, who radiated a new and an intriguing mix of masculine and womanly sex appeal.
• • According to an article in London's Daily Mail, it was Coco Chanel who first put women in men's PJs. After World War I, she introduced a more practical, sporty look for women, replacing the restrictions of the corset and floor-length dresses.
• • Fashion journalist Stephanie Rafanelli writes: Pyjama trousers became the new loungewear for society femmes, worn at home, for a round of golf and frolicking on the beach. Paquin's Chinese printed pyjamas with embroidered satin jacket were the It-items of the day for bright young things.
• • Stephanie Rafanelli notes: Pyjamas (from paejama, the Hindi word for 'leg coverings') were brought over from the Far East in the 1890s — — and they soon became fashionable bed-wear for the British gentleman, replacing the traditional nightshirt. The popularity of pyjama pants heightened in the Thirties when the more tapered legs of the Twenties evolved into the wide-legged palazzo trouser that went from beach attire to day and eveningwear.
• • The British film "Brideshead Revisited" features seductive 1920s loungewear. Continue reading Ms. Rafanelli's article here:
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Mae West.

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