Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mae West: Mark Ireland

Richard Ireland, a self-described "psychic to the stars," counted MAE WEST as a member of his inner circle. Now his son Mark has written a book.
• • Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go by Mark Ireland (Random House — Canada)
• • In her brief review, "Finding Where the Dead Go," Constance Droganes offers an intriguing snapshot.
• • She writes: A father's unbearable loss of a son and his frantic search for proof of "life after death" grips readers in "Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go."
• • Author Mark Ireland plunged himself into the world of psychics and mediums after the tragic death of his youngest son. It was a world he knew. His father, Dr. Richard Ireland, was a celebrated spiritual minister and medium who counted Mae West among his Hollywood clients.
• • Unlike his "psychic to the stars" dad, Ireland passed on the paranormal to become a businessman. That changed after his son's death. Abandoning his career, Ireland embarked on an all-consuming quest to prove that communication with the dead was scientifically possible.
• • Presently engaged in "consciousness survival" research experiments, Ireland's quest takes him to some of the world's most respected scientists, among them theorist Dr. Don Watson, developer of TES (Theory of Enformed Systems). Ireland recounts his work with Allison Dubois, the psychic behind the hit TV show "Medium." His paranormal investigations also throw Ireland into a single-blind lab experiment with medium Laurie Campbell, a mind-blowing event filmed for a Discovery Channel feature.
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• • Book Review article: "Five smoking hot reads for beach-bound travellers"
• • Byline: Constance Droganes, entertainment writer,
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• • Published on: 11 July 2008
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