Friday, March 14, 2008

Mae West: The Mighty Quinn

Mae West was such a treat to meet, recalls the effervescent actress Quinn O'Hara.
• • Quinn O'Hara remembers the warm humid day when they met at a Hollywood hoe-down given by the director of "One Day at a Time" — — Herbert Kenwith. "I had just done one of the episodes and Herb Kenwith was such a lovely person, too," she explained. Listen to the eternally beautiful Quinn O'Hara recount this special evening event exclusively for the Mae West Blog.
• • When I met Mae, she was very nice to me. My hair is simply frightful in humid weather, so I had to do "the Mae West thing" of patting my hair, to keep it in place.
• • Since I had been following her around like a puppy, I wanted to apologize to Mae and explain that I wasn't trying to imitate her.
• • Mae West looked at me and smiled — — and said, as only she could — — "My dear, you have beautiful hair!"
• • Several guests nearly fainted. I discovered that she rarely ever complimented a woman. Then I took a chance and asked if I might have my picture taken with her, and voila! Here is the photo I treasure. There will always be no one like Mae West!!
• • The photograph is the personal property of Quinn O'Hara. Please do not "steal" it for your blog or web site. Thank you for the courtesy.
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

• • Photo:
• • Mae West • • with Quinn O'Hara and Paul Novak, 1977
• •

Mae West.

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