Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mae West: Impostor

Distressing warnings about fake MAE WEST keepsakes have been spotted on several fan sites including Mark Bellinghaus’s Weblog on WordPress.
• • Mark Bellinghaus cautions buyers to avoid a Plainfield, New Jersey hoaxster called "starspast" who sells on eBay. He writes: "starspast is selling more FAKES!"
• •
According to Mark Bellinghaus: NOTHING of the items you can see below [on his website] is for real. Frank F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, 42, the biggest crook on eBay in terms of Entertainment Memorabilia was caught and he has been reported to eBay and PayPal, it is being investigated — — but in the meantime, this criminal is screwing more innocent people with his dreadful fakes which he buys fabricates by going to garage sales, thrift stores, and his basement, he forged the signatures of several documents, and he especially forges all the signatures he adds to all the items such as the previously owned accessories of Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, etc.
• • Beware of the Frank F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fakes — — once you buy and own them, you will not be able to resell, once this criminal is going where he belongs for many years now: PRISON!
• • For photographs of fake MAE WEST items and more coverage on "Frank F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _’s Criminal Creations," read Mark Bellinghaus:
• • Yet another source for this information is Jennifer J. Dickinson:• • It was requested that we remove the surname of this individual from our own postings. Thus we have done so. We would like to remind our readers, however, to use caution when buying items supposedly owned by movie stars and other memorabilia. Vendors can be dishonest and use deceptive practices.
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Mae West.


  1. That's such a shame - it gives a bad name to all people associated with memorabilia. Hopefully all people who dupe others will get their just dessert!

    Mae - I just posted a link to your blog on my PopArtDiva newsletter. It will be sent out to all my subscribers and will be online for a month.

  2. How can you Post ANYTHING from Mark Bellinghaus???? He is out of his mind! There are No truths behind ANYTHING he posts! Read this:

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Please remove the name Frank Ferruccio, from your blog site, or be faced with a slander lawsuit.

    Attorney for Mr. Ferruccio

    Jeff Weinstein

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM


  5. Anonymous9:28 PM

    He is posing as connieandcarla, one ebay, still selling bogus memerabilia. please report him.

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    He is on ebay as the above person says. He claims he bought most of the items of a auction of the remaining items of Jayne Mansfield.

    This auction was in 1997
    When you research all the "items" that he has sold of mansfield's or as he claims, they add up TO MANY more than he suppposidly bought.

    His "supposed" COA's don't even include most "Mansfield" items that he sells.

    He send a personal letter "attesting' to their authenticity.

    The "receipt" from Klein Liquidators does not look like a receipt at all.

    "connieandcarla" is Frank Ferruccio!!!

    He had other ebay sites that he lost due to his behavior.

    It appears that he masks all his "fake" items, by writing a couple of books and getting the admiration that he is an "author"

    He tells others that he is sick and needs the cash to "survive"

    He told this same story about needing cash quick a few years ago.

    He poses with anyone of star quality to make himself look better.

    When you google his name you get a lot of nice charity work, him giving a car away, his pictures, youtube videos, him at mansfields grave, other sites quoting hiom and recognizing him as a renound collector.

    BUT just google "Frank Ferruccio ebay fake scam" and gosh, there is a TON of stuff and some so old that the links to some sites have expired!!!

    How do I know all this....well a dear friend has been taken by him by a large amount. Except this guy is a law enforcement officer. LOOK OUT MR. FRANK!!!

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    The above person is correct. He is on ebay as "connieandcarla".

    He has sold a TON of Mansfield "supposed" items, except the number is MUCH higher than what was at auction.
    The COA he does is so bad. His "receipt" from Klein Liquidators is dated 1997 and many many items he sells of "Mansfield's" is not on the list. Even the item people get recently does not have that item on the list! He tells a sob story that he is sick and needs this for medication to survive. HA, I see other places on the internet that he has claimed in the past of needing to sell things fast. How can he continue to get away with this and for so long? Why does ebay allow this???

  8. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Frank Ferruccio is one of the biggest con artist on the internet. He not only sells fraudulent items on ebay that he claims was owned by Jayne Mansfield but he also takes pictures of celebrities and cuts another persons head out and paste his in. He is the biggest con artist. Do not buy from him, Report him on Ebay. He needs to be arrested.

  9. • • Thank you for the "heads up."
    • • However, no additional comments will be posted about this impostor unless new information is offered. Thank you!!!

  10. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Information has come forth that counters his claims that his sales are real. 10 negative feedbacks were given with information.
    One was where the auction company says Ferruccio did NOT buy that day at all whatsoever. WOW. Also that the feedback outted "connieandcarla" on ebay as Frank Ferruccio. ebay removed comments as it was some violation. Geeeeze, seem like they are just allowing ppl to be screwed.
    Interesting that one of the two buyer id's is a Constable!!
    He even claims it is harassement and the Police has been notified. FERRUCCIO is cRaZy!!!
    Ferruccio may have been able to get ebay to hide who he is now but the tables are now turning against him. Glad to see this all coming out Here is the link:

  11. • • Thank you for your comments about the EBAY vendor behind a store named "connieandcarla's junk."
    • • You are posting here about Jayne Mansfield items, which buyers have complained about. Okay . . . we have given some space to your warnings . . . however, this is the Mae West Blog.
    • • Since this vendor has not been selling any Mae West items, we feel your comments on Jayne's souvenirs would be more useful on a Jayne Mansfield web site.