Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mae West: Coverage

Then as now, magazines use celebrities to sell copies, for example, Motion Picture [July 1933 issue] ran with this cover story about MAE WEST by Jay Brian Chapman: "Is Mae West Garbo's Greatest Rival?" (pages 28-29).
• • Did anybody believe that Mae West and Garbo, two very different types of actresses, were rivals? In 1933, Motion Picture did have an excuse for such silliness, though. During the Depression, publications had to try harder to get Americans to spend their nickels.
• • This drivel comes to mind today due to the "Internet sensation" caused by the TV footage of a female reporter setting fire to her producer's "news" story. Reason: because she refused to start the program with a "Paris Hilton leaves jail" tale. Yes! Drivel in, drivel out.
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Mae West.

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