Friday, August 25, 2006

Mae Flair

New York, NY: A distinguished group came up to see Mae on August 23rd.
• • Assemblywoman Deborah Glick sent her rep GREGORY BRENDER.

• • Former City Councilmember CAROL GREITZER attended with her spouse Joshua Vogel.

• • Hon. MARIA DERR, Chair of Community Board 2, toured the exhibition "Onstage Outlaws" along with a dozen staffers of CB2 and members - - such as a longterm CB2 member DORIS DIETHER and RICK PANSON, head of the Environmental Committee.
• • Journalists Gary Shapiro, N.Y. Sun, and Esther Tolkoff, BackStage.
• • Thank you, MAE WEST, for sending perfect sunshiny days that enhanced the events taking place during the ANNUAL MAE WEST GALA.
• • Source: Village Restaurant • •
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• • Photos: 23 August 2006 VIP Reception • • Rick Panson with writer LindaAnn Loschiavo and attorney Maria Passannante Derr • • ANNUAL MAE WEST BIRTHDAY GALA • •

Mae West.

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