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Mae West: Cardinal Sins

On Sunday, 1 December 1935, MAE WEST’s comments appeared in the popular syndicated Hollywood column of Theon Wright. 
• • “Seven Sins of Women” By Mae West • •
• • By George Theon Wright (United Press Correspondent)
• • Here are the "seven cardinal sins" for women, which, Mae West says, are responsible for more broken romances and smashed marriages than any other reasons:
• • 1. Putting on makeup at the dinner table.
• • 2. Asking a man where he has been.
• • 3. Holding him up on a date.
• • 4. Babying him when he's disconsolate.
• • 5. Not babying him when he's sick or "hangover-ish."
• • 6. Letting him see you when you're not at your best.
• • 7. Talking about your other dates.
• • Note: Author and reporter George Theon Wright [24 June 1904 –  5 November 1980] often wrote about Mae West and other celebrities in his Hollywood column for United Press.
• • Source: rpt in The San Bernardino; published on Sunday, 1 December 1935.
• • On Wednesday, 1 December 1976 • •
• • Mae West starred in "Sextette" [1978], and the cinematography was done by James Crabe.
• • Shooting began in December — — on Wednesday, 1 December 1976 — — and was wrapped up during March 1977. James Crabe captured his leading lady in medium shots. There would be no close-ups in "Sextette" of Mae West.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Not all of Hollywood's Christmas gifts are prankish. Actress May Robson delights her friends with gifts of home-made cookies. Virginia Bruce gives needlework pieces that  she has done herself. And in Los Angeles six sapphire rings already are boxed, insured and ready for mailing to friends and relatives of Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: “I will not sign until I see the script.”
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An American daily paper mentioned Mae West.
• • “Weight Counts Among Small Men” • •  
• • Chalky Wright, a former chauffeur for provocative Mae West of Hollywood cinema fame, tips the beam a mere 126 pounds. Both Overlin and Soose are hard pressed to keep within the 160 pound limit of the middleweight division.
• • Prior to Chalky Wright's acquisition of the feather-weight diadem a few months ago, still another Negro ring campaigner ran an identical gauntlet. We prefer to call it a gauntlet, because the record clearly reveals that Negro fighters have either had to concede huge chunks of weight to classy white opponents, or choose some other field of work.  …
• • Source: item in Indianapolis Recorder; published on Saturday, 29 November 1941
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