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Mae West: Ruination

MAE WEST was under a great deal of stress after receiving anonymous death threats. The studio ordered extra security and, fortunately, the police soon found the criminals.
• • "Plot to Disfigure Mae West Foiled" • •
• • LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7  [UP] — A film studio bus boy and four other men were held tonight  as suspects in a plot which authorities said was aimed at extorting $1,000 from Mae West on threat of death or disfigurement with acid.
• • Matthews disclosed Miss West had received, in the last 30 days, five letters threatening  death or ruination of her movie career by throwing acid in her face unless she complied with the writers' demand to place $1,000 in a vacant lot at Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Street.
• • Source: Item rpt in The Daily Illini; published on Tuesday, 8 October 1935.
• • Happy Birthday, Rona Barrett • •
• • Rona Barrett, a gossip columnist and friend of Mae's, was born on Thursday, 8 October 1936.  Hope it's a beautiful day for you, Miss Rona.
• • On Thursday, 8 October 1931 • •
• • A review of "The Constant Sinner" appeared in the Herald Tribune.  "West's New Play" ran in the newspaper on Thursday, 8 October 1931.
• • On Tuesday, 8 October 1935 in The Los Angeles Examiner • •
• • "Mae West Guarded after Threat" ran on the front cover of The Los Angeles Examiner  on Tuesday, 8 October 1935. Detective Harry Dean, beautifully gowned, was standing next to Mae West.  Also shown was part of the extortionist's note.  A cafeteria worker had targeted several movie idols from major studios as well as Mae, as it turned out.
• • On Friday, 8 October 1948 • •
• • The "Catherine Was Great" plagiarism trial lasted seven weeks in Los Angeles, from 24 August 1948 until Friday, 8 October 1948 and the proceedings resulted in a hung jury, 7 — 5 in Mae's favor, insufficient for either side to initiate a victory lap. 
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Actress Mae West, 72, was reported "doing satisfactorily" in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, where she was admitted on September 17, following a nervous collapse.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Oh, those law suits cost a lot."
• • Mae West said: "My pianist — — I never could remember his name. I always introduced him as Harry Rikeman, or Reekman, or Rachman, so we decided to give him a name I couldn't forget: Richman. He's known everywhere now — — Harry Richman, King of the Vagabond Songsters."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Columbia Daily Spectator (student newspaper of Columbia College in NYC) mentioned Mae West.
• • P.M.G. wrote:  My message to you is don't miss the next Mae West picture.
• • Source: Item in Columbia Daily Spectator (NYC); published on Tuesday, 8 October 1935 
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