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Mae West: Had Stablized

It was early October in 1980 and MAE WEST was in Good Samaritan Hospital. Would she make it?
• • HOLLYWOOD (AP) — — Actress Mae West, 87, who reportedly has suffered a stroke is now out of the intensive care unit at Good Samaritan Hospital, a hospital woman says. "She is out of danger now and has been transferred to a room on a medical floor," spokeswoman Paula Lee said Wednesday.  Earlier, hospital community relations director Betty Sheller said Miss West's condition had stabilized.
• • Miss West, whose acting career began in the 1920s, starred most recently in the 1978 film comedy, "Sextette."
• • Earlier this year, she also did a series of TV commercials for a mineral water company.
• • Source: Article rpt in The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina); published on Thursday, 2 October 1980.
• • On Monday, 2 October 1922 • •
• • Citing the Billboard Index, author Jon Tuska said Mae appeared in "Playmates" on the Mutual Circuit [week of 2 October 1922].  "Playmates" was a burlesque show.
• • On Tuesday, 2 October 1928 • •
• • Producer Carl Reed and lawyer James Timony secured an injunction. "The Pleasure Man" was able to give a second performance on Tuesday, 2 October 1928, then the police padlocked the show for good.
• • Outraged that a woman would write a play about homosexuals in love, the Evening Post ran this headline "They Don't Come Any Dirtier" on Tuesday, 2 October 1928.
• • Headlines about Mae West's troubles ran in The N.Y. Times on Tuesday, 2 October 1928 on the front page.
• • "Mae West Defies Cops" read the cover of the Evening Graphic on 2 October 1928.
• • Legal battles fought by Mae West and Jim Timony are dramatized in the play "Courting Mae West: Sex, Censorship, and Secrets," set during the Prohibition Era. Watch a scene on YouTube. Producers and actors may inquire by posting a message for the playwright LindaAnn Loschiavo.
• • On Monday, 2 October 1944 • •
• • "Catherine Was Great" was written by Mae West.  Her play premiered at the Shubert Theatre on 2 August 1944 and ran until 30 September 1944. On Monday, 2 October 1944, the show transferred to Mae's lucky spot, the Royale Theatre, where it remained until after the Christmas holidays [closing on 13 January 1945].
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Alice Ardell, character actress, has been added to the cast supporting Mae West in her first picture under the banner of Major Pictures for Paramount release.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I was ten years ahead of my time. Some day, I'm going to produce those plays again."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Daily Times-News mentioned Mae West.
• • Curvacious Mae West once turned down $55,000 for a single radio performance, with the classic remark, "I've gotta be seen to be appreciated."
• • Source: Item in The Daily Times-News (Burlington, North Carolina); published on Tuesday, 27 September 1949
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