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Mae West: Backseat Bling

The Midwest headline read "MAE WEST Shoes."  The Daily Illini, the student newspaper of the University of Illinois, often ran items about the iconic star of stage and screen.
• • On October 10th, The Daily Illini pondered this:  Will the co-eds at Illinois adopt the latest style shoe known as the Mae West?  This shoe is high calf and laces up the front through open straps.
• • Source: Item in The Daily Illini; published on Tuesday, 10 October 1933.
• • On Monday, 10 October 1932 • •
• • On Monday, 10 October 1932 readers of The L.A. Times noticed this peculiar headline and sub-head: "Gem Missing — — Monkey Has It!  Mae West's Pet Chews on Diamond."
• • "What's that monkey eating?" the security guard asks in the article.
• • "Whee, he's got the diamond," screams Mae West.  "But don't get excited.  If he swallows it, I'll buy it."
• • Unsaid by The L.A. Times, and still unknown to the general public, was Mae's curious habit of meeting merchants in automobiles whether the vendor was a saleslady from Bullock's, who climbed into the backseat with an armful of garments, or the anxious diamond dealer Isaac Licht, who turned up with bodyguards.
• • Actors who worked with Mae knew the truth: Mae was extremely near-sighted and refused to be seen in public wearing eyeglasses.  Self-conscious about her vision problems, Mae felt that at least in her own backseat, she could control the distance.
• • On Tuesday, 10 October 1933 in Variety • •
• • Many articles appeared in the trade magazine Variety testifying to the run-away success "I'm No Angel" had become, thanks to Mae West.  "'Angel' Forces Open a Second House for Day-and-Date Run" was printed in Variety on Tuesday, 10 October 1933.
• • On Wednesday, 10 October 1934 • •
• • William Troy reviewed "Belle of the Nineties" for The Nation, who ran it in their issue dated for Wednesday, 10 October 1934.
• • On Friday, 10 October 1969 • •
• • The lengthy article "Mae West Draws Support From Young as Well as Old" was written by Rick Du Brow and syndicated to many papers including the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern on Friday, 10 October 1969.
• • Recalling an earlier conversation with the movie queen, Rick Du Brow wrote:  At that interview by the way, I inquired if she could cook and she replied, "Honey, nobody ever asked me."  The lady is news plain and simple whatever she does. ...
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Nicodemus, colored singer and dancer in Duke Ellington's orchestra, recently signed by Emanuel Cohen, president of Major Pictures, for Mae West's next film, will leave for Hollywood  on Thursday by airplane.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  “Love isn't an emotion or an instinct — — it's an art."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Film Daily mentioned Mae West.
• • Ralph Wilk wrote:  Emanuel Cohen will start production today, his birthday, on the new Mae West picture, "Personal Appearance," for Paramount release.
• • Lyle Talbot is a late addition to the cast. The company, on location at Corona, will have a birthday party for Cohen.
• • Ben Piazza is executive assistant with the Cohen unit, known as Major Pictures Corp., with Joe Nadel as production and business manager, David Sussman as technical assistant, Karl Struss as first cameraman, and Vic Shapiro handling publicity.
• • Source: Item in Film Daily; published on Wednesday, 5 August 1936
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