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Mae West: Astrology Detective

MAE WEST said that Mr. Holmes was a remarkable researcher.  Last May, while they were working on "Belle of the Nineties" together, a fellow castmate, Stuart Holmes, did her horoscope.  This film was released on Friday, 21 September 1934.
• • Stuart Holmes [1884 — 1971] • •
• • Born in Chicago as Joseph Liebchen on Monday, 10 March 1884, the versatile six-footer appeared frequently in films playing minor roles from 1909 until 1964. The hard-working character actor  played the part of Dirk [a.k.a. Slade] in the Mae West film "Belle of the Nineties" [1934].
• • Stuart Holmes died of a stomach ailment in Hollywood on Wednesday, 29 December 1971. He was 87.
• • "Mae West's Future" • •
• • If you believe in astrology, here's the low-down on the very blond and equally wise-cracking Mae West.  She would make a good nurse. She will be at the height of her screen career in 1938. Her love affairs so far have been disappointing. She will get married in three years. Hollywood is the best spot on earth for her to reside.
• • These were the facts revealed to Mae the other day by Stuart Holmes, veteran screen actor, who has made an extensive study of astrology during the last six years.
• • Source: Hollywood News and Gossip of the Studios in The Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania);  published on Wednesday, 2 May 1934.
• • On Friday, 22 September 1911 • •
• • On Friday, 22 September 1911, 18-year-old Mae West was in the spotlight. On that date, "A La Broadway" had opened at the Folies-Bergere Theatre, New York, NY. This short-lived revue closed on 30 September 1911.
• • On Saturday, 22 September 1934 • •
• • In September 1934, Mae was involved in promoting her fourth feature for Paramount Pictures: "Belle of the Nineties." This motion picture was released on September 21st. The title of the movie review published in The New York Times on Saturday, 22 September 1934 was "Mae West and Her Gaudy Retinue in 'Belle of the Nineties'." Here is the first sentence — — "Of course, Miss West is her own plot," wrote Times critic Andre Sennwald.
• • On Tuesday, 22 September 1992 • •
• • An article "Way Out West" was published (on page 57) in The Advocate (issue dated for 22 September 1992).  Journalist R.L. Pela wrote about Mae West's career.  
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Mae West, at Embassy, Sets Attendance Mark" • •
• • Mae West's amazing new contribution to screen history "Belle of the Nineties," now at the Embassy theatre (Reading, PA), reveals the Paramount screen sensation more beautiful and alluring than ever as the foremost charmer of the gallant Southland of the Gay and Naughty Nineties.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: Stuart Holmes, who is one of the men in my new picture, is a star-gazing expert.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Australian Women's Weekly mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West wears many costumes of the 1890s period in "The Belle of the Nineties." There is great similarity of cut in all these dresses. However, they achieve variety in the rich elaboration of their fabrics and applique trimmings.  ...
• • Source: Article in The Australian Women's Weekly; published on Saturday, 26 January 1935
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