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Mae West: In Hiding

MAE WEST was usually very generous with her time, spending hours signing autographs and chatting with her fans.  But something was bothering the screen star in mid-April 1938.
• • "Mae West in Town in Hiding!" • •
• • The theater columnist wrote:  Mae West's train passed through Harrisburg the other day but Mae denied herself to autograph seekers and such during the pause at the station. Those who were 'roundabout said that she had "six husky-looking bodyguards."
• • The Sec, who heard of it late, said:  "I'll bet I could have had her out on the platform for a picture.  Once when Calvin Coolidge was touring the country, word came in that he would be in Harrisburg a few minutes but wouldn't talk to reporters or have his picture taken. Jim Sarley was then photographing for the Telegraph. We went down to the station and had very little trouble getting Mr. Coolidge for an interview and a picture. He said he'd "be glad to step out for a breath of air and a picture if it meant anything to anybody."
• • I am still betting that he couldn't have stirred Mae West out of her private car though.  ...
• • Source: Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, PA); published on Thursday, 14 April 1938. 
• • Photo: chef James Braddock feeds Mae West backstage on Thursday, 21 April 1938.
• • On Saturday, 14 April 1973 in Hollywood • •
• • It was an SRO celebration on Saturday night, 14 April 1973 when the Masquers Club honored the Empress of Sex with a "Mae Day" tribute. Unlike previous honorees, Mae had insisted on performing a shimmy and singing "Frankie and Johnny." The ceremony was attended by Sidney Skolsky and many other notables.
• • For instance, Mae's "Myra Breckinridge" cast mate Jim Backus attended the Masquers Club's salute as one of her "Gentlemen in Waiting" (along with George Raft, Jack LaRue, Steve Allen, Lloyd Nolan, etc.).
• • When the 1973 event was reborn in an audio format as "Mae Day: The Masquers Club Salutes Mae West CD" [1998], Mae-mavens could hear Jim Backus offering an amusing 4-minute tribute [exactly 4 minutes and 16 seconds long, if you want to get technical] to the buxom blonde guest of honor.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • The name of today's sex kitten Brigitte Bardot comes to the white living room and Mae West shrugs off the siren of the Seine's shedding of clothes. "If you have to resort to that," says Mae, "you just haven't got it."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • To Raoul Walsh, Mae West said:  "Don't get excited or I really will make a scene."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The newspapers in Adelaide, Australia mentioned Mae West.
• • Good shows include Mae West in 'Diamond Lil' . . . Mae West is very much in the London social swim . . . The Duchess of Kent gave a party for her . . . 
• • Source: The Mail (Adelaide, Australia); published on Saturday, 8 May 1948
• • By the Numbers • • 
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