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Mae West: David Davies

David Davies bought it as a special gift for MAE WEST during the time when "Diamond Lil" was touring in the United Kingdom.  The Welch actor was playing the role of Gus Jordan. Let's find out more about his career and that amazing present. 
• • David Davies [1906 — 1974] • •
• • David Davies was born in Bryn Mawr, Wales on Tuesday, 3 April 1906 and decided to devote himself to the dramatic arts. 
• • The six-foot-four Welshman acted in a West End production of "Rose Marie" [1925] — — an operetta-style romantic comedy with music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart, and book and lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. David Davies was seen onstage at the Stoll Theatre in London, England with cast members such as Marjorie Browne, Raymond Newell, George Lacey, Phyllis Monkman, and Paul Jackson. What a thrill for a lad of 19.
• • After continuing his work on the boards for decades, he was cast in his first film "The Three Weird Sisters" [released in 1948]; he was 42 years old when he played the police sergeant. Coincidentally, another actor played the role of "David Davies" in this movie.
• • For the autumn of 1947 and for the early part of 1948, David Davies devoted himself to the U.K. tour of "Diamond Lil" and enjoyed a good relationship with his leading lady.
• • In the London cast were Richard Bailey as Captain Cummings;  David Davies as Gus Jordan; Hal Gould as Chick Clark; Noele Gordon as Rita; Bruno Barnabe as Juarez, etc.
• • "Screen stars and Scottish tweeds" • •
• • In September 1948, an article appeared about Alexander MacPherson, a single canny Scot who "weaves tweeds which are sought after by Lord and Ladies, film stars and millionaires. Soon his fame spread and Americans were forming queues for share in his weekly output of 60 yards of tweed. Today these soldiers and sailors from all parts of the world still seek his tweeds — — and they are prepared to pay well for them.
• • Bette Davis has one of  Alexander MacPherson hand-woven tweeds and so has her mother.  Mae West has one — — purchased for her by David Davies, who appeared in "Big Ben" and "Diamond Lil" and has long been a customer.
• • Source:  Mirror (Perth); published on Saturday, 25 September 1948.
• • David Davies was featured in about 65 projects for the cinema and for the home viewing audience. Perhaps you spotted him as the Theatre Commissioner in "39 Steps," the scene where they ask, "How old is Mae West?"
• • The last credits for David Davies were "Under Milk Wood" [1972] and his on-going role in the British TV series "Coronation Street."  He died in 1974.  We wish we knew more.
• • On Tuesday, 10 April 1928 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • The New York Times reported on "Diamond Lil" on 10 April 1928 on page 32. The review carried this headline and a sub-title: "'DIAMOND LIL' IS LURID AND OFTEN STIRRING" and "Mae West's Melodrama at the Royale Suffers From a Bad Third Act."
• • Opposite the coverage on page 33 was a small advertisement for the play at the Royale Theatre.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West's family is almost as interesting as she is, herself.
• • Her Dad, an ex prize-fighter, likes to recall the time he was a young fellow and raising English bulldogs.  He used to name the brutes after all the girls in the neighborhood.  As the gals would stroll by, Jack West would call: "Here, Emma!  Come here, Emma, you ugly little mutt!"  And, boy, were those girls sore!
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Nothing interested me enough to want to bother going out much. I was too busy and too interested in me to be interested in other people. And then if there was somebody I really wanted to meet, I'd have them come up and see me."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about a Sophie Tucker movie mentioned Mae West
• • Pomona filmmakers Susan and Lloyd Ecker will bring their documentary "The Outrageous Sophie Tucker" to the Lafayette Theater in Suffern for one evening only on Sunday, April 6.
• • The film documents the life and career of Tucker, a vaudeville superstar whose bold, sassy style helped paved the way for female performers from Mae West to Lady Gaga.  ...
• • Source: Article in The Lower Hudson Journal News; published on Wednesday, 2 April 2014
• • By the Numbers • • 
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