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Mae West: Tom London

MAE WEST starred in "I'm No Angel" [1933] and Tom London was seen briefly as a sideshow spectator.
• • Tom London [24 August 1889  — 5 December 1963] • •
• • His birthname was Leonard Clapham when he came into being in Louisville, Kentucky on 24 August 1889. During his youth in The Bluegrass State, he acquired his enviable horsemanship, unaware of how his skill would impact on his relationship with the celluloid siren.
• • Nearly six-foot-two, and with the strength and grace that comes from riding, he started wearing out his shoe leather as a salesman. In Chicago, when he was hired by the Selig film company as a property guy, he stayed with the firm when they relocated to California.. It was a natural fit when he began to get small parts in the Westerns Selig produced. His appealingly rugged look and mastery of horses naturally led to larger roles.
• • After years of performing under his birthname, in 1924 his marquee monicker became Tom London when he was 35. Since he had the ability to play light-hearted comical roles, serious outdoorsmen, and "the heavy," Tom London became a Tinseltown mainstay during the 1930s and 1940s, especially useful in supporting roles in low-budget pictures. He then transitioned to TV, guest-starring on Western-theme series.
• • Between 1915 — 1963, Tom London amassed 630 onscreen and TV credits.
• • Tom London died in North Hollywood, California in early December — — on Thursday, 5 December 1963. He was 74.
• • Paul Harvey [10 September 1882 — 5 December 1955] • •
• • A versatile actor, Paul Harvey hailed from Sandwich, Illinois where he was born on 10 September 1882. The dapper six-foot-two leading man enjoyed success on Broadway, creating several memorable roles from 1916 — 1933.
• • When he went out to Hollywood, he was cast in nearly 180 motion pictures. Fans will remember him as Donovan in "Goin' to Town" [1935].
• • Paul Harvey died in Los Angeles due to a coronary thrombosis on Monday, 5 December 1955. He was 73.

• • On Tuesday, 5 December 1933 • • 
• • On Tuesday, 5 December 1933, the night Prohibition was repealed, while Mae was being photographed in a Hollywood speakeasy with Gary Cooper, her sister was performing in Chicago, Illinois. Beverly had bookings for her popular "Mae West Act" in the heartland during most of the winter of 1933.
• • According to a newspaper reporter: Beverly West, actress Mae West’s little sister, recalled that an usher on the house staff of a theatrical production that she was starring in ran to the stage and handed her a drink. She said, “I downed it before you could bat an eye. After all, I learned everything I know from my sister!”
• • Source: Article: “Borough Thirsty — — Ready to Celebrate Repeal Tonight on Wave of Liquor” printed by The Long Island Star-Journal; published on Tuesday, 5 December 1933.
• • On Tuesday, 5 December 1933 in The L.A. Times • • 
• • The Mae West robbery led to a trial and this was covered by numerous newspapers. The L.A. Times printed some of Mae's remarks in their edition dated for Tuesday, 5 December 1933.  On the witness stand, Mae had said: "I have known Voiler for a number of years. He has now turned out to be a snake in the grass."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I have just seen that RAF flyers have a life-saving jacket they call a "Mae West" because it bulges in all the "right places."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Vassar Miscellany News mentioned Mae West.
• • An ad (page 5) noted: Now playing at Bardavon Theatre — Mae West in "Go West Young Man" (through next Wednesday) with Randolph Scott, Warren William, Alice Brady . . .
• • Source: Ad: Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XXI, Number 18; published on Saturday, 5 December 1936  
• • By the Numbers • • 
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