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Mae West: Complexion Care

"Go West, Young Lady," said MAE WEST, "for a tip on complexion care!"
• • An ad featuring the movie queen ran in early December 1936 in The Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express. The actress wore this spectacular dress onscreen, as she perused the latest issue of Town and Country Magazine. Sublime.
• • Leo Shuken [8 December 1906 — 24 July 1976] • •
• • Two of Mae West's motion pictures featured contributions by musician Leo Shuken.
• • Born in California on Saturday, 8 December 1906, Leo Shuken began his Hollywood sojourn in 1936. His second assignment was composing original title music for "Go West Young Man," released that year. He also arranged the music for "Every Day's a Holiday" [1937]. Two years later, he would win an Oscar for "Stagecoach." His busy career provided opportunities to apply his versatility to light musicals, intense dramas, adventure tales, and Western fare. He lasted nearly four decades in the industry and he was involved in over 400 titles by the time he retired in 1974.
• • Leo Shuken died in Los Angeles on 24 July 1976. He was age 69.
• • Beverly West [8 December 1898 — 12 March 1982] • •
• • Born in Brooklyn, NY on December 8th was an infant named Mildred Katherine West.
• • Mae's kid sister never liked her birthname and so, upon launching a professional career, she became "Beverly Osborne." A talented performer in her own right, she is commemorated with great affection on her birthday.
• • On Saturday, 8 December 1934 • •
• • Liberty Theatre Playhouse — Double feature on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday — Mae West in "Belle of the Nineties" and "The Defense Rests" with Jack Holt.
• • Source: Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XIX, Number 18, on Saturday, 8 December 1934.
• • On Saturday, 8 December 1945 • •
• • Visit by Mae West • •
• • Mae West, the Hollywood actress, who is expected to visit Australia early next year. ...
• • It is not yet known whether she will appear on the Tivoli circuit or in town halls (in capital cities).
• • Source: Advocate (Tasmania); published on Saturday, 8 December 1945.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I've never had a wishbone where my backbone should be."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about Hollywood mentioned Mae West.
• • Film Daily's East Coast columnist Ralph Wilk wrote: Hollywood — Owen Moore is back from New York to play with Mae West in her first Paramount starring vehicle, "Ruby Red." He is abandoning a personal appearance tour which started in Hollywood last April ...
• • Source: Item: printed in The Film Daily; published on Monday, 14 November 1932 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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