Monday, December 24, 2012

Mae West: Hitler in Vaudeville

It was Tuesday, 24 December 1935 and this was the headline: "MAE WEST and Hitler — — Consul Objects to Radio Item."
• • In March 1935, Adolf Hitler [20 April 1889 — 30 April 1945] had announced an expansion of the Wehrmacht to 600,000 members.  He was developing an Air Force, ramping up the size of the German Navy, and acquiring fire power. No one though of Hitler as the jolly star of a British panto — — except for folks in Australia, where it's sunny and hot in December, so the door is wide open for misrule.
• • The West Australian printed this explanation: Melbourne, December 23 — At the request of the Vice-Consul for Germany (Dr. M. Koeltzsch), an imaginary conversation between Herr Hitler and Miss Mae West (the American film star) was not broadcast over the national network on Saturday night, as had been arranged. 'The proposed item was a brief sketch of the type often given on the vaudeville stage,' the Victorian manager of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (Mr. T. W. Bearup) said today. 'We did not believe anyone could take exception to it, but we cancelled it in deference to the wish of the German Consul.'
• • Source: Item in The West Australian (Perth); published on Tuesday, 24 December 1935.
• • On Friday, 24 December 1999 • •
• • A theatre review of a New York City revival of the play "Sex" by Mae West ran in The New York Times on Friday, 24 December 1999 under this title: "Mae West's First Play (for the Stage, That Is)" and the drama critic seemed satisfied.  D.J. R. Bruckner was the byline.
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• • Mae West said: "From the time I crawled out of the cradle, I was interested in boys."
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• • The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Mae West.
• • The Hollywood Reporter wrote: Mae West is to do a modernized version of "Du Barry," from a story now being developed by the William Le Baron unit. The story will not conflict in any way with the Warner Brothers production of "Du Barry," starring Dolores Del Rio. The idea is to have Miss West play her famous character of "Diamond Lil," who has visions of herself as the famous French woman. ...
• • Source: "Mae West Set For Modern 'Du Barry'" in The Hollywood Reporter; published on Friday, 9 March 1934  
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