Monday, December 01, 2008

Mae West: Pre-Photoshop

MAE WEST was featured in an article "How starlets survived before Photoshop."
• • Writing for Lemondrop, Erin Donnelly observed: Today's celebs are maintained by a steady supply of tan in a can, hair extensions, straightening irons, and mascara galore
— — and that's just the Jonas Brothers.
• • Erin Donnelly added: But before we start waxing nostalgic about the good ol' days when men looked like Cary Grant and women didn't leave their panties in the glove compartment, let's not forget that the silver-screen stars of Old Hollywood weren't exactly "natural beauties" either. In fact, as this little trip down memory lane will attest, many of these bizarre old-school beauty tricks would make even Joan Rivers wince. If she could.
• • Erin Donnelly had this to say about Mae West:
• • The queen of double entendres relied on eight-inch platform heels to maximize her stage presence, and spent two hours a day massaging cold cream into her breasts to keep them nice and perky. She's also rumored to have undergone a daily enema.
— — Excerpt: — —
• • Article: "Old Hollywood Beauty Tricks: Looking Pretty, Pre-Photoshop"
• • Byline: Erin Donnelly
• • Published in:
• • Published on: 25 November 2008
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• • Photo:
• • Mae West • • 1934
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Mae West.

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