Monday, December 22, 2008

Mae West: Bowery Singer

MAE WEST was not the only one fascinated by the Bowery.
• • In 1905, Singer took over the firm Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machines. In December they released intriguing bits of New York City history as part of the promotional material celebrating the merger.
• • Mae West's mother — — who made all of the costumes for "Baby Mae" — — perhaps even saw one of these give-aways. One featured a large photo of the Bowery and here's a portion of what it said.
• • The glamour is gone from "Thieves' Paradise," as the block on the right-hand side — — between Houston and First Streets — — towards the head of the thoroughfare used to be known. "Suicide Hall" was closed during the administration of Mayor Low, and the proprietor fled the city to escape arrest. More recently the Volks' Garten, adjoining it, has been taken over for the establishment of a Methodist mission.
• • At the head of the Bowery, just visible in the photograph, is . . . .

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• • Photo: • • Mae West • • 1928 • •
Mae West.

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