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Mae West: Arch Obler

Close to Christmas — — on 12 December 1937 — — MAE WEST appeared in two separate sketches on ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's radio show, The Chase & Sanborn Hour, that shocked both the listening audience and NBC executives. Since Mae was promoting her latest film, the studio felt that this popular weekly program would give her free exposure — — and Edgar Bergen [1903 1978] had attracted his own substantial fan base.
• • Gowned and bejeweled, Mae West appeared as herself, flirting very heavily with Charlie McCarthy, Bergen's dummy, utilizing her usual brand of sexy wit and risqué sexual references.
• • Even more outrageous was a sketch earlier in the show, written by Arch Oboler, that starred Mae West and Don Ameche as Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden. The conversation between the two was considered so bawdy, bordering on blasphemous, that she was banned from being featured, or even mentioned, on the NBC network. She did not appear on radio for many years.
• • Arch Obler • •
• • Script writer Arch Obler suffered no consequences, however.
• • Hired pen Arch Obler was born in the month of December — — on 7 December 1909 — — and chances are good that Mae did not waste much money sending him birthday cards.
• • Arch Oboler [7 December 1909
19 March 1987] was a scriptwriter, novelist, producer, and director who was active in films, radio, and television. Born in Chicago, to a Bavarian-Jewish German father and an Irish Catholic mother, he grew up Protestant.
• • Arch Oboler generated much attention for his radio scripts, and his work in radio remains the outstanding period of his career. Although some noted a tendency for gruesomeness, he received praise as one of broadcasting's top talents, and he is regarded today as one of the innovators of old time radio.
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Mae West • • 1937 • •

Mae West.

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