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Mae West: Dan Lurie

In 1975, muscleman Dan Lurie [born 1 April 1923] honored MAE WEST along with Robert Redford, Joe Bonomo, Chris Dickerson, Dave Draper, and The "Mighty Atom" Joe Greenstein. During that time, Dan Lurie was interviewed about his experiences with the Hollywood screen queen.
• • The article, titled "Dan Would Come Up to See Her Sometimes," was a charming close-up glimpse. Here is an excerpt.
• • • • [ Q ] You honored Mae West with an award for sexiest woman of the century. Why did you choose her for this award and what was she like?
• • • • Yes, I met Mae West at her home place. After being with her the first three hours, I told her, "Ms. West, I can't give you any more of my time." Of course, she was the one who was helping me. I said, "My wife is downstairs and she is going to be quite upset."
• • She asked if my wife would like to come upstairs and meet her. I said, "No, she's not one of your fans."
• • She told me to go downstairs and bring my wife up. And that's what we did. After a half an hour they were the best of friends. We found out something strange. Mae was born in Brooklyn and her father's name was Jack West he was a fighter. In between fights, Jack West would rent a horse and wagon and sell fruit in his neighborhood.
• • As a kid, she would go to Rockaway Avenue to pick up the horse and wagon.
• • My grandfather owned the place where the cart was kept so we got very warm I mean, what a connection. We spoke more about her father and what she did when she was living in Brooklyn. She never flew, but always took the train. She was scared of flying. And of all places, she is now buried in Brooklyn.

• • • • [ Q ] What else can you tell me about Mae West?
• • • • I must have sat no more than two feet from her and her skin was so soft - no wrinkles, nothing. She was in her 80s at the time. She looked great. She kept saying, "Feel my arms, I work out." I felt her arms.
• • She said, "Feel my breasts." I said, "I'm not going to touch your breasts." . . .
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

• • Photo: • • Mae West • • 1935 • •

Mae West.

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