Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mae West: Motoring

When is a model motor like Mae West?
• • Rating a new motorcycle, which is being marketed to the female ridership, Chicago Tribune journalist Susan Carpenter had lots of interesting things to say about "Miss Behavin" (a new model manufactured by Big Bear Choppers).
• • • • According to Susan Carpenter — —
• • If I were in charge of the world and asked to design a bike for women, I would make one that's a little more Mae West. Instead of the sloped and pointy swing arm and widow's peak fenders, I would make the bodywork curvaceous, juicy, plump. I also would rig the handgrip into a secret lipstick hold and build a make-up compartment into the tank and turn the mirrors into glove compartments because you can't wear a purse on a bike like this without looking totally dumb. ...
• • Source: The Chicago Tribune — —
• • Byline: Susan Carpenter
• • Published: 12 September 2007
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Mae West.

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