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Mae West: Horowhenua Taste

On Monday, 13 July 1936, MAE WEST was talked about in New Zealand. Let’s investigate.
• • Don’t Like Mae West and Greta Garbo • •
• • Here Are Children’s Film Preferences • •
• • (By Telegraph-press Assn. Copyright)
• • Received on Sunday, 10.20 p.m. LONDON, July 12.
• • Mr. William Farr, acting manager of the British Film Institute, has compiled an analysis of juvenile taste in films. He discovered that children prefer those featuring G-men and dislike Mae West and Greta Garbo because they have never met anyone in the least like them — — and are unable to imagine that such people really exist. They hate horrific films or the Frankenstein type, fighting, sudden noise and close-ups of killings and kissings.
• • Children like to be excited, not frightened.
• • Adventure stories built around air pilots and sailors greatly interest children. They dislike dialogue, intricate plots and musical films interrupting the action with songs and dances, and stories falsifying well-known history.
• • The headmaster of Battersea School after a similar investigation reached the same conclusion. He found that children liked adventure with happy endings and right triumphing over wrong, but love scenes made them laugh and scenic beauty left them cold.
• • Source: article (p. 7) in Horowhenua Chronicle [New Zealand]; published on Monday, 13 July 1936.    
• • Note: Mae West was excited about doing a circus theme film, “I’m No Angel,” because she thought children would be interested in the circus animals and the “Big Top” atmosphere.
• • On Friday, 13 July 1934 • •
• • The Advocate (in Tasmania) printed an article on 13 July 1934 about Mae West's newest motion picture.  "She Done Him Wrong" is a story of a section of New York during the "gay nineties," with its collection of cabarets, "tough" men and frivolous women.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Martin Itjen, undertaker, automobile and tire agent and operator of the only street car at Skagway, Alaska, Is on his way home after a visit In Hollywood, where he met Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: “Women like a man with a past, but they prefer a man with a present.”
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Biloxi Daily Herald mentioned Mae West.
• • By Walter B. Clausen (Associated Press Staff Writer)
• • Hollywood, Calif., July 17.— (A.P.) — John Barrymore is virtually down to his last yacht. Joan Crawford has more jewels than "Diamond Lil" Mae West. Charles Chaplin is the wealthiest movie star. Harold Lloyd is the screen's largest landholder. These are some of the facts written into the records of the county tax collector, now that the time approaches again for collecting taxes, many of the stars own property outside Los Angeles County, of course. . . .
• • Source: Item rpt on page 1 in Biloxi Daily Herald; published on Wednesday, 17 July 1935
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