Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mae West: Phallic Figure

While you’re sleeping, college professors in Hungary are thinking about MAE WEST. Here’s a long, striking research paper you might have missed. This is Part 18.
• • "Mae West. The Dirty Snow White" • •
• • Written by:  Zsófia Anna Tóth
• • wit and sexuality • •    
• • Zsófia Anna Tóth wrote:  However, Mae West — — as a filmic and cultural icon, actress, stage performer, writer, author, and most of all, humorist — — is still a unique combination of wit (humor), intellect and sexuality. West was a perfect example for the powerful phallic woman whose humor was applauded while being considered, at the same time, “the queen of the bitches” (Hamilton 1995, 136). She always appeared to be an ambiguous figure, who somehow managed to masterfully balance on the rope of (the appearance of) virtue, and at least on screen, she never fell down into the depths of sin (visually); in addition, her sexual promiscuity was not clearly proven either, although, always alluded to and talked about. Probably because this was part of her performed persona: it was an aspect of her stardom. Her life was a great performance and a masquerade of the fallen woman, while she always remained a true woman.
• • turned male lechery • •   . . .
• • This was Part 18 of a lengthy article. Part 19 will follow tomorrow. 
• • Source: Americana — — E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary; Vol. XI, No. 1, Spring 2015.
• • On Tuesday, 28 February 1933 • •
• • An article on Mae's staying power — — "Paramount's Unusual 3d Week for Mae West" — — was printed in Variety on Tuesday, 28 February 1933.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West was investing more in her costumes by 1920. Photographs show her pretty feet in low-heeled boots and Queen-Anne-style mules by Cammeyer.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I hate writing but I have to because no one seems able to do it for me. Stories are my trouble. That's why I only make one picture a year."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The San Bernardino Sun discussed Mae West. 
• • "Mae West's 'Husband' to Seek Forced Recognition" (by Associated Press) was reprinted.
• • Source: page 4 item in San Bernardino Sun; published on Friday, 28 February 1936
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 13th anniversary • •  
• • Thank you for reading, sending questions, and posting comments during these past thirteen years. Not long ago, we entertained 3,497 visitors. And we reached a milestone recently when we completed 3,800 blog posts. Wow!  
• • By the Numbers • •
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• • Mae West • in 1933

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