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Mae West: Sex, Sex, SEX

On Thursday, 8 November 1978, when MAE WEST was 80 years old, syndicated columnist Nancy Anderson's interview with the screen legend ran. Rattled off from Mae's point-of-view and with no fact-checking, the text is rather cheeky. Let's enjoy it together.  This is Part 4. 
• • "Mae West Hasn't Aged A Day Since She Was 30 Years Old" • •
• • Written by Nancy Anderson — — Copley News Service
• • "Sex" • •
• • Nancy Anderson added: "Well,” Mae recounts, "I'd never even heard the word sex when I was talking to a director."  It was only a word used, claims Mae, in the medical textbooks.
• • “So I asked, ‘Where have I  got it?’" The director answered in general terms but quite enthusiastically, “This play reeks of sex, sex, SEX!’’
• • And he kept saying that, Mae says, “until I suggested that we change its title." 
• • The director exulted, “If only we dared!'’ And, since Mae told him that she had dared several times in her stage career, it was done. 
• • The play re-named "Sex" reached New Haven, Conn., for its out-of-town tryout.
• • Ticket-buyers frightened away by one word — — sex. • •  . . .
• • This was Part 4. We will continue on Monday with Part 5.
• • Source: Article written by Nancy Anderson for Copley News Service; syndicated on Thursday, 8 November 1978.
• • On Sunday, 30 June 1935 • •
• • Frank Wallace was quite a talker when a news man was present.  He told the New York American that Timony began living with Mae West and one day he pulled over in a "fine, big automobile" with Mae inside, happily wrapped up in a fur coat.  "He said I ought to realize my marriage to Mae was a fizzle and that she could not afford to be married because there was a future waiting for her in show business."  The paper ran a long interview with the washed-up vaudevillian in their issue dated for Sunday, 30 June 1935.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • With typically robust humour, Mae West returns with curves and wisecracks. The film is mainly notable for its crisp dialogue.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "There are no good girls gone wrong — — just bad girls found out."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Singapore paper mentioned Mae West.
• • Reuters wrote:  Mae West wants a tall, dark, handsome man.
• • Mae West wants young men with British accent to come up and see her at noon today. The 84-year-old actress, planning a film of her play "Sextette," will hold a studio audition for a "tall, dark and handsome unknown" . . .
• • Source:  Feature in New Nation (page 6); published on Wednesday, 30 June 1976
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