Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mae West: They Come Out

A very long article about MAE WEST and her career in Tinseltown appeared five years ago.  It was written by Paul Phaneuf.   This is Part 92, the grand finale of the feature that we began excerpting way back on January 3rd, 2017. Whew! Thanks for staying with us from Part 1 — Part 92.
• • Mae West: "I'm here to make talkies" or Censor Will vs. Diamond Lil • •
• • A Magnet for Criticism • • 
• • Paul Phaneuf wrote:   In her career Mae was a magnet for criticism, but millions found her fascinating and irresistible. Commenting on the reception of I'm No Angel at his theater in 1933, an Oak Grove, Louisiana exhibitor said, "Whether they like her or not, they all come out to see her. The church people clamor for clean pictures, but they all come out to see Mae West." He then added that his Angel box office was, "the best business of the year." Over the years her reputation has only grown. The lowly victim of her social superiors once again has the last laugh.
• • This was Part 92 — — the grand finale. Thank you for riding side-car through the entire journey.
• • Source:  Article by Paul Phaneuf in Films of the Golden Age Magazine;  issue dated 5  November 2011. Used with permission.
• • On Wednesday, 23 May 1928 • •
• • An article in Variety discussed the costumes designed by Dolly Tree for Mae West.
• • Variety wrote about Mae's lingerie for her boudoir scenes, those daring nighties of "heavy cream lace and yellow chiffon flounces"  . . .
• • Image: Diamond Lil, pausing on the staircase of Suicide Hall on the Bowery, has a few private words with Captain Cummings in the stage version of "Diamond Lil" in 1928.
• • Source: Article: "Diamond Lil'' written by the Drama Desk of Variety; published on Wednesday, 23 May 1928.
• • On Monday, 23 May 1949 in Life • •
• • Actress Sarah Churchill had the cover of Life Magazine's issue dated for 23 May 1949 but inside there was a grand pictorial devoted to Mae West — — all this for 20 cents.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West announced last week that she would move her permanent residence from New York to California. She and her father, Dr. Jack West, are looking over the San Fernando Valley for a ranch.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Women like forceful men — but not the kind who beat them — supposedly to show their affection."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A film trade annual mentioned Mae West.
• • "Set for release" • •
• • "Belle of the Nineties" starring Mae West, with Roger Pryor, John Mack Brown and Duke Ellington's Orchestra. A Musical Comedy Revue including 5 songs by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow. Cast includes "beef trust" chorus and a choir of 100 voices. Directed by Leo McCarey. ...
• • Source: Item in "The Film Daily Production Guide and Director's Annual 1934"; published in 1934
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 12th anniversary • •  
• • Thank you for reading, sending questions, and posting comments during these past eleven years. The other day we entertained 3,497 visitors. And we reached a milestone recently when we completed 3,700 blog posts. Wow! 
• • By the Numbers • •
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• • Photo:
• • Mae West • onstage with "Captain Cummings" in 1928

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