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Mae West: Grampian Hills

A very long article about MAE WEST and her career in Tinseltown appeared five years ago.  It was written by Paul Phaneuf. Let's pick this up again and enjoy it together. This is Part 81.
• • Mae West: "I'm here to make talkies" or Censor Will vs. Diamond Lil • •
• • But the finale is unforgettable • • 
• • Paul Phaneuf wrote:  The finale is unforgettable. Mae and W.C. Fields amicably part company and he tells her the next time she's in the "Grampian Hills" to be sure to "come up and see me sometime" to which she retorts, "I'll do that, my little Chickadee."
• • As she turns to go up a flight of stairs, "The End" is superimposed over her posterior. With the six pages of ordered changes, it's surprising this survived.
• • Last Film of Her Era • •
• • "Doing 'The Heat's On' was a mistake ... the evidence is there on film for audiences to see." — — Mae West
• • In 1943 Mae did the last film of her era. It was as a favor to director Gregory Ratoff who had played her lawyer in "I'm No Angel." He confided in her that he had put up his own money and needed her name for marquee value.
• • needed Mae's name for marquee value • •  . . .
• • This was Part 81.  Part 82 will appear  tomorrow.
• • Source:  Article by Paul Phaneuf in Films of the Golden Age Magazine;  issue dated 5  November 2011. Used with permission.
• • On Saturday, 8 May 1926 • •
• • Unflattering comments about Mae West's play "Sex" (the phrase "street sweepings" was used) were printed in The New Yorker's issue dated for Saturday, 8 May 1926.  Aww. Somebody was not swayed by all that free beer Mae was pouring backstage. Tsk tsk.
• • On Tuesday, 8 May 1934 • •
• • On Tuesday, 8 May 1934 Mae West recorded the ending of "My Old Flame."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West admits that she has had negotiations through Prince Alexis Thurn-Taxis about former King Alfonso of Spain coming to Hollywood to make a pix or perhaps identify himself with one of Mae West's pictures.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "That piano guy Liberace's got a lot of charm. I could go for someone that charming.  I see good in every man. That's why I'm not married."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Film Daily mentioned Mae West when she was a "no show." Oh, dear.
• • Pin a rose on Samuel J. Briskin for that midnight show he put on for the benefit of Temple Israel in the Fox Pantages and stick a thorn in Mae West for promising to show up and failing to do so — — especially when 90 per cent of that fund-raising audience paid to see her.  . . .
• • Source: Gossip column item in The Film Daily; published on  Monday, 17 April 1933 
• • Note: The Fox Pantages Theatre is located at  6233 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California. 
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 12th anniversary • •  
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