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Mae West: Get a Kick

In September 1934, MAE WEST sat down for a series of "Me and My Past" talks with the United Press syndicated reporter Leicester Wagner.  We will post excerpts from Chapter #7 in several installments.  This is Chapter 7, excerpt b-b.
• • "Me and My Past" by Mae West • •
• • As Told to Leicester Wagner, United Press Staff Correspondent • •
• • From 8 to 80 • • 
• • It comes from men, women and children. Position, social standing or wealth — — this seems to make no difference and it certainly doesn't to me.
• • I evidently appeal to 'em from 8 to 80, and, perhaps strangely, my mail is divided about 50-50 between the sexes. Letters come to me from all over the world — — from Alaska to Little America, from Britain to China.
• • Many of the men who write want to marry me. Others — — doctors, farmers, lawyers, merchants, ministers, cab drivers, mill workers, retired capitalists, right down through every strata of society — — just want to tell me they get a kick out of my pictures.
• • Appeals for Money • •
• • Many appeals for money are made to me  . . .
• • NOTE: This is the 7th chapter of Mae West's life story as told to Leicester Wagner, United Press.  This syndicated series was reprinted in American newspapers during September 1934.
• • This has been excerpt b-b — — tomorrow's selection will be c-c.
• • On Wednesday, 6 December 1978 • •
• • During an auction, one item was a personal check dated for Wednesday, 6 December 1978 and signed by Mae West.  The $12.13 payment was slotted for "General TelePhone" and the typed memo explained it was for ''Services at the ranch.'' This item did not sell, however. 
• • On Tuesday, 6 December 1994 • •
• • It was on Tuesday, 6 December 1994 that Christie's New York held an auction listed as "Film and Television Memorabilia." One light-hearted Mae West item was "A box of approximately 120 red, white, and blue poker chips; a deck of cards from the Roosevelt Hotel." This lot of goodies was sold for $345.00 and now the deck is stacked at someone's house. Ha ha ha.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • During the mid-1930s, when Stuart Heisler was the film editor of "Klondike Annie," he also worked with several of Mae West's colleagues.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "When I lose my stamina, when I am no longer determined to please, I will be through with pictures, and not until then."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An auction listing mentioned Mae West.
• • A 1968 Universal City Studios television script for "A Night With Mae West," a variety musical program. The opening featured various celebrity "impressions" of Mae West by Adolph Zukor, Truman Capote, Margaret Hamilton, and O.J. Simpson. Includes letter to Mae West from the producer and original mailing envelope.   Sold for: $345 (USD)  . . .
• • Source: Item sold by Christie's New York; sale date was Tuesday, 6 December 1994 
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 12th anniversary • •  
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• • Mae West • in 1970

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