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Mae West: Brought Cheer

It was Sunday, 26 December 1937 and the headlines read: MAE WEST Helps Santa's Family Enjoy Christmas. This is Part 2 of a truly amazing story from Marshall, Missouri.
• • Mae brought cheer • •
• • "She brought cheer to my house.  It wasn't expected," Santa Claus said. "I hope she has as happy a Christmas as she has made possible for me." 
• • The youngest of Santa's children is four and the oldest is 23. Five are boys and two are girls but two of them were not able to return home for the holiday.
• • Santa had a message for the world. "The spirit of giving ought to be implanted in the hearts of people everywhere," he said. "I wish that I could make the world understand what Santa Claus really means."
• • The Depression put Santa out of work • •
• • Santa knows what it means to be without. For the past year, he had only three weeks work.  . . .
• • This was Part 2 of "Mae West  Helps Santa's Family Enjoy Christmas." Part 3 appears tomorrow.
• • Source: United Press article in syndication; published on Sunday, 26 December 1937.
• • On Sunday, 27 December 1936 • •
• • "Mae West Chooses Modem-Day, Rural Setting for Newest Film at the Ritz" • •
• • In "Go West Young Man" offered on Sunday and Monday Mae West forsakes the barroom and boudoir settings and the Gay Nineties atmosphere to go rural and modern in her latest film offering. The picture, "Go West Young Man," is the feature of the Sunday — Monday program at the Ritz Theatre.  ... So stated the film critic of Big Spring Daily Herald on Sunday, 27 December 1936.
• • On Monday, 27 December 1937 • •
• • "Every Day's a Holiday" starring Mae West was reviewed (on page 8) for Film Daily on Monday, 27 December 1937.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Shirley Temple is the biggest box office draw since Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I'll never believe the worst about anybody without complete proof, nor will I believe it's useless to struggle against so called Fate."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Associated Press mentioned Mae West.
• • Film Pioneers, Actors in 'Squaw Man,' Meet Again • •
• • (By Associated Press) HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 29. Fifteen members of the film colony which produced "The Squaw Man," first feature length motion picture, held a luncheon reunion at the Paramount studio cafe. The reunion celebrated the twenty-second anniversary today of the start of production on the picture, Dec. 29, 1913. Cecil B. De Mille, who directed and acted in "The Squaw Man," was host at the reunion. He gave each of his guests a small wooden Indian bearing his autograph.
• • Modern day film stars, including Marlene Dietrich and Mae West, sitting at nearby tables, looked on with interest as the reunion group exchanged reminiscences.  ...
• • Source: Item by Associated Press; syndicated on Monday, 30 December 1935
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 12th anniversary • •  
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• • Mae West • in 1936

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