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Mae West: Denied Rumors

MAE WEST was discussed several times in the August issue of Motion Picture Magazine.
• • Back in 1934, Motion Picture was published monthly at 330 East 22nd Street, Chicago, Illinois. Single copy: 15 cents.
• • "Mae Keeps Them Guessing!" • •
• • Motion Picture wrote: Mae West is smart; there is no getting around that. She insisted, against studio advice, on making "She Done Him Wrong" as her first starring picture — — and it made $3,000,000 for the studio. Then, sensing that the public wanted to be shown that she could be amusing in modern dress, too, she next made "I'm No Angel." After which she realized that her audience preferred her in the Naughty Nineties era (and 1890s attire) — — so she made "It Ain't No Sin."
• • Motion Picture wrote:  And now, before anyone has a chance to tire of her comedy style, she is going in for some straight drama of the daring kind in "The Queen of Sheba." Keeping up public interest, in other words. 
• • Motion Picture wrote:  And because Mae is smart, some people are now wondering about the new romance rumors that are toying with her name. For a long time, she was rumored married to James Timony, her ever-present lawyer-manager; she denied the rumors insistently. But since Hollywood denials have come to mean very little (thanks to the truth-dodging of other stars), maybe the impression that she was married did gain some headway. Anyway, you are now hearing rumors that she and her manager have tiffed, and you are reading of romance rumors about her.
• • Motion Picture wrote:  The most persistent one links her with a boxer (not Maxie Baer). Those maybe-she's-married rumors are dying a natural death.
• • Source: News in Motion Picture Daily; published in the August 1934 issue.
• • On Wednesday, 2 August 1944 • •
• • It was Wednesday, August 2nd and the applause rang out from the Shubert Theatre [225 West 44th Street], signaling the gala Broadway debut of "Catherine Was Great," when Mae West portrayed the Empress of Russia. Produced by Mike Todd, the show starred Mae as the Empress of Love who handled her men as skillfully as she handled affairs of state.
• • Save the Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2016 • •
• • Mae West: New Yorker, Vaudevillian, Upstart, and Jailbird — — a Birthday Celebration! • •
• • Link: Mae West event on August 17, 2016
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West would not answer questions while a photographer took her picture, lest he get a less than flattering shot.  She kept a hand mirror close by to check the lighting on her face.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Good?  I have to look great!" 
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A fan magazine mentioned Mae West.
• • "A young Mae West" is the favorite slogan for any of these kiddies, but nobody seems to realize that it takes rare talent, as well as a rare figure, to make a Mae West. And to give these girls a real chance, every picture must be a strip act.  . . .
• • Source: Item in Motion Picture Daily; published in the August 1934 issue
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  1. It's amazing the prices that vintage Hollywood golden era fan magazines that sold for 15 cents in 1930's command today. That cover price could buy groceries during the depression and the World War II paper drives for the war effort consumed a lot of magazines. It is great when you find articles to share with you readers from these obscure sources!

  2. • • The cover price is always an interesting detail! Thank you for noticing!