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Mae West: By the Bed

In 1974, MAE WEST gave a long interview to Anjelica Huston and Peter Lester. This is Part 3. 
• • Mae West: the Queen at Home in Hollywood • •
• • Written by Anjelica Huston and Peter Lester  (Interview Magazine) • •
• • MAE WEST: Jack Kelly walked here behind me, over to where you're sitting and then he just dissolved away. Into the sofa.
• • ANJELICA HUSTON AND PETER LESTER:  Are you afraid of them? Have you spoken with them?
• • WEST: No. You see, they look nice. Once when I was laying in my bed, one came in and just stood there. You see, I don't drink, so this really happened. Anyway, this one came over to me and stood there by the bed. So I stood up and put my arm up like this to stop him from touching me...  I'm not takin' that chance till I know what they're goin' to do.
• • (Looking up from our wild scribbling, we see that she's smiling and gracious, enjoying talking as much as we are enjoying listening.)
• • WEST: Once a friend came here, and I said to him "go over to the piano and play that melody, you know the one, just the melody, forget the lyrics." So he did, and as I was standing there beside him, listening, this story came to me in 56 seconds.
• • HUSTON AND LESTER: What was it? Can you remember it?
• • WEST: No. It was good though. One of my stories, I can't think which one it was. I had a secretary write it down.
• • HUSTON AND LESTER: Do you entertain here?
• • WEST: Off and on. Friends stay sometimes, but mostly at my beach house. It's got 22 rooms, eight bedrooms with bathrooms, you know, so there is more space. Then there is a ranch I have in Sepulveda. So you see, this is just one place I live in. I wasn't looking for a home in this apartment, so I just had it fixed up and started to live here.
• • HUSTON AND LESTER: For how long?
• • WEST: Since 1932.   . . .
• • This has been Part 3 of the interview written by Anjelica Huston and Peter Lester. Part 4 will continue tomorrow.
• • On Wednesday, 31 August 1938 • •
• • An article complimenting Mae West and applauding her newest motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday" was published in The Queenslander (Brisbane, Australia) on Wednesday, 31 August 1938.
• • The Queenslander wrote: Mae West goes back to her favourite period, the nineties of last century, for her latest film, "Every Day's a Holiday," a Paramount picture. It has a steady flow of Westian wit, such as "Let joy be unrefined," with a plot that gives the comedienne large scope. And Mae West  has surrounded herself with an imposing array of male comedy talent, including Walter Catlett, Charles Butterworth, and Charles Winninger, and has included Edmund Lowe for romantic appeal, so that the motion picture will not disappoint even the most critical of her admirers.  ...
• • On Sunday, 31 August 1969 • •
• • "Sex is an emotion in motion," Mae West told The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, 31 August 1969. That's a pretty provocative way to end a hot month, eh?
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West will abandon corsets and wear modem apparel in her new motion picture.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Whenever I see people putting it on, I know they're phonies. They aren't the real goods and they've got something to cover up."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Canadian reporter mentioned Mae West.
• • Adrian Chamberlain wrote: Pre-Beatles, the accordion has its share of pop heroes, however. Guido Deiro, popular in the 1920s, was a big enough star to marry movie legend Mae West. ...
• • Source: Article: "World's best accordion players are in Victoria to compete and entertain" written by Adrian Chamberlain in the Times Colonist; published on Friday, 16 August 2013 
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 12th anniversary • •
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• • By the Numbers • • 
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