Friday, July 15, 2016

Mae West: Alleges Bigamy

On Thursday, 15 July 1937, MAE WEST most certainly deeply regretted her romance with Frank Wallace that led her to the altar in 1911.
• • "Mae West Admits to 26-Year-Old Marriage" • •
• • Alleges Bigamy Against Husband • •
• • LOS ANGELES, July 7 — — Mae West, screen actress, who for many years denied she had ever been married, admitted today that Frank Wallace, a vaudeville artist, became her husband 26 years ago.
• • This disclosure was made as a result of a suit brought by Wallace to compel Miss West to admit their relationship and divide their community property, which he alleged exceeds $100,000 (£20,000). Miss West denied that she had ever lived with him, and alleged that he had subsequently remarried without obtaining a divorce from her.
• • Source: Item in The Adelaide Chronicle; published on Thursday, 15 July 1937.
• • On Monday, 15 July 1974 • •
• • Edward Field's poem “Mae West” was published on page 30 in The New Yorker's issue dated for the week of Monday, 15 July 1974.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Frank Wallace's attorney emphasized that Miss West's money hasn't the slightest connection with Wallace's suit, now in progress in California.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "There is what amounts to a fable in Hollywood that my leading man fell in love with me. After all, they are human — — but that story is exaggerated."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An Illinois campus paper mentioned Mae West.
• • "Husband Frank Awed to Silence by Mae's Words" • •
• • University of Illinois students on the staff of The Daily Illini wrote this: Frank Wallace, the original Mae West fan, came to town tonight, seemingly awed to super-silence by the pie curve queen's acknowledgement that he was her husband, and vague about what he was going to do about it .    .
• • Source: Item in  The Daily Illini; published on Thursday, 15 July 1937 
• • Note: Mae West had been denying this 1911 marriage for two years by this time. She had originally reacted by saying, "Never heard of the guy!"
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