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Mae West: Spoofing Antidote

A U.P.I. journalist applauded MAE WEST "in a rare video appearance" in 1964. Let's rewind.
• • "Guest Shot Indicates Mae Needs Own Program" • •
• • HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Mae West turned up Sunday night on CBS-TV’s “Mr. Ed” series, and made one yearn for her to have a situation comedy of her own as a spoofing antidote to the many drab females on television.
• • She once helped save a movie company, and there’s no reason she couldn’t make the television mouse roar a little.
• • “Mr. Ed” is about a talking horse.  Sunday night, Miss West, in a rare video appearance, was brought into the show by having her ask the horse’s owner (Alan Young) to redesign her stables in French Provincial style.
• • She made her entrance at Young’s home by arriving with three handsome young men. “Believe it or not,” she told them, “I gotta see a man about a barn."
• • Dressed to the teeth, and strutting her stuff, she was welcomed to the home and invited to sit down. “Honey,” she said, “you don’t dare sit down in this gown. It’s standing room only.”
• • Asked how she stayed so glamorous she replied: “Positive thinking and no drinking.” When a woman said she had heard so much about her, she answered: “Yes, I know, but you can't prove it.” Discussing her attraction to men in uniform, she said: “I even choke up when I see a good humor man.”
• • At any rate, Young’s horse is impressed by the fact that Miss West’s stables are so elegant.  and he decides to run away to her and ask to be adopted. This he does, arriving at her doorstep with a sign around his neck explaining he is a foundling. Miss West immediately takes him in and has two muscle men give him a bubble bath. “I want his coat to look like a full-length mink,” she said.  She then sprayed him with perfume, she noted.
• • Miss West also instructed that the horse be given vitamin shots. When he sneezed, she suggested: “Give him a tissue.”
• • To bring things to a close, Mr. Ed finally decided he couldn’t stand all the pampering and went back to Young. That’s how you really separate the men from the boys.
• • Article:  "Guest Shot Indicates Mae Needs Own Program"  by U.P.I. rpt in The Desert Sun; published on Tuesday,  24 March 1964. 
• • On Saturday, 24 March 1934 in California • •
• • The recording of "My Old Flame" performed by Mae West, backed by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, took place on Saturday, 24 March 1934.
• • Initially, it was released on an audio single. "My Old Flame" was first heard in the motion picture "Belle of the Nineties" [Paramount Pictures, 1934].
• • On Saturday, 24 March 1934 in Sydney • •
• • The Sydney Morning Herald announced on page 10, in the issue dated for Saturday, 24 March 1934, that "I'm No Angel" with Mae West is at the Prince Edward Theatre. "This Day and Age" is on the same programme.
• • On Saturday, 24 March 1951 in NYC • •
• • Billboard Magazine ran this item: NEW YORK, March 24 — Monte Proser is negotiating with Mae West to star in a cabaret version of "Diamond Lil" for his Cafe Theater. If the deal jells, "Lil" will come in to replace the current "Billion Dollar Baby," which is on a week-to-week notice.
• • On Tuesday, 24 March 1970 in Look Magazine • •
• • "Raquel Welch, Mae West Talk about Men, Morals and Myra Breckinridge," on page 45 in Look Magazine's weekly issue dated for Tuesday, 24 March 1970.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Shirley Temple is the biggest box office draw since Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "A lotta issue over a little tissue."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A gossip columnist  mentioned Mae West.
• • Walter Winchell  wrote: Orchids and a bonus to the mind who thought up this amusing manner of getting the Mae West banned title into print:  "It Ain't No Sin," it says, to see Mae West in "Belle of the 90s" . . .
• • Source: syndicated column by Walter Winchell rpt in Daily Illini; published on Thursday,  20 September 1934
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