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Mae West: Atlanta Censors

The censors never seemed to let up on MAE WEST.  This is what happened in Atlanta, Georgia in 1951.
• • "Atlanta Censors Ban Mae West" • •
• • Atlanta (U.P.) —— Atlanta censors banned Mae West in the flesh today as they had done 18 years ago on film.
• • The censors said the play “'Diamond Lil," in which Miss West was scheduled to appear next Friday night, was "lewd and obscene" and should not be performed in Atlanta, Georgia.
• • Eighteen years ago the movie version of the play, "She Done Him Wrong," was barred for similar reasons. The film, however, was shown for eight weeks in suburban Buckhead before capacity audiences.
• • Source:  Item rpt in Madera Tribune; published on Thursday, 1 February 1951.
• • On Tuesday, 1 February 1927 in Connecticut • •
• • On Tuesday, February 1st at 5 AM, Mae West was arrested along with her sister and the director Edward Elsner in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
• • The tabloid New York World covered the story on the front page on 1 February 1927 as did the New York Morning Telegraph, offering their voyeuristic readers every sin-soaked scrap about the scandal. The N.Y. Times also reported on this on February 1st but in less lurid detail.
• • This arrest in dramatized in the stage play "Courting Mae West" in Act I, Scene 2.
• • Ballyhoo Magazine, February 1934 — The Mae West Number • •
• • Mae West's portrait appeared on the cover of Ballyhoo along with a slinky silhouette of a disgruntled Greta Garbo garbed in angry red.
• • On Saturday, 1 February 1975 • •
• • The first issue of the British large-format publication Club Magazine, dated for Saturday, 1 February 1975, featured Mae West. Today this rare inaugural edition of Club is a collectible.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • James Cagney’s realness is similar to people like Mae West or W.C. Fields, who seem to be more authentic than their fellow performers, reacting to some of the cardboard backdrops that they’re working with.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "What would I be doing in a lonely hearts club?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A campus newspaper in Illinois mentioned Mae West.
• • "Mae West Admirer" • •
• • Letter writer K.K. wrote:  To honor the dead by serving those who still live is evidently the policy of the Hollywood actress Mae West. At least she refused to take a day off to attend her father's funeral because she did not want to make 155 of her fellow workers jobless for even one day.
• • If the instructors on this campus who have a habit of not showing up at class sessions or come and spend their time giving unorganized lectures would feel equally as conscientious about the students time and money spent  . . .
• • Source: "Letters to the Editor" for The Daily Illini; published on Friday, 1 February 1935   
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