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Mae West: 10 Good Laughs

On Sunday, 26 February 1933, what a sizzling hot ad featuring MAE WEST was seen in a Midwest campus newspaper, no less.
• • The hit motion picture "She Done Him Wrong" had a few Midwesterners in the cast: Noah Beery was born in 1882 in Kansas City, Missouri; Grace La Rue was born in 1880 in Kansas City, Missouri; and Frank Mills, seen early in the picture as a barfly, was born in 1891 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
• • The Daily Illini ad announced:  "Come on folks! It looks like a hot time in the old town," wrote the publicity team at Paramount on behalf of the local Rialto Theatre. "You'll blush and love every minute of this lively story of a "Frankie and Johnny" girl. 
• • ten good laughs for every shudder • •
• • "You'll get a shock or two but ten good laughs for every shudder" — — Herald Examiner.
• • In case the university students in Illinois were confused about who this movie star was, the ad helpfully included these two tips: "Diamond Lil" — — "Adults Only."
• • Source: Ad in The Daily Illini; published on Sunday, 26 February 1933. 
• • Note: Can you see the man being crushed by Mae West's hand? That's a riot when you consider how very petite the actress was in person.
• • On Wednesday, 26 February 1936 • •
• • Hollywood Citizen News ran this tantalizing Tinseltown teaser on Wednesday, 26 February 1936: "Mae West Mum in Lubitsch, Timony Debate."
• • On Saturday, 26 February 1938 • •
• • A leisurely article (317 words) published Down Under on Saturday, 26 February 1938 discussed in great detail all the ways Mae West, the real woman, was nothing like the fast-living and man-eating fictional females she played.
• • The Mirror (in Perth, Australia) wrote: Mae West's characterisation of a motion picture star in "Go West Young Man," the hilarious comedy, which will be screening at the Grand Theatre, Friday next, March 4, strangely enough, is entirely unlike her own life as an outstanding film luminary.
• • The Mirror gave several examples. Here's one: "Go West Young Man" portrays a film star's touring paraphernalia as extremely elaborate, but the real Mae West journeyed to Corona, California for her first ''location" scenes of the picture, in simple fashion. Accompanied only by her driver and personal maid, Miss West's arrival was inconspicuous, and her departure the same — — a decided contrast to the film role (Mavis Arden) she portrays.  ...
• • Source: Article: "'Go West Young Man' — Mae West Stars in Coming Paramount Attraction" printed on page 24 in The Mirror (Perth, Australia); published on Saturday, 26 February 1938.
• • Finale on Saturday, 26 February 1949 • •
• • A revival of "Diamond Lil" opened at the Coronet Theatre in February [5 February 1949 — 26 February 1949] on Broadway.
• • However, on Saturday, 26 February 1949, Mae West broke her ankle when she slipped on a rug in her hotel suite. That accident halted Mae's engagement at the Coronet Theatre [230 West 49th Street, a Broadway playhouse later renamed for Eugene O'Neill].
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • The three movie sets an outside photographer positively can't enter in Hollywood are those of Mae West, Shirley Temple and Greta Garbo.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "I have never met a man I didn't like."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A New York City campus paper mentioned Mae West.
• • Coming as a welcome addition to the evening's entertainment, which already includes Wynn Murray and the Golden Gate Quartet, are the Kraft Sisters, sensational new dance team currently appearing at Cafe Society Uptown. The duo, which is leaving for Hollywood soon to appear in Mae West's next picture, specializes in ancient Hindu and Spanish dances done in boogie-woogie style.  . . .
• • Source: Item in Columbia Daily Spectator; published on Friday, 26 February 1943 
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