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Mae West: Marc Breaux

MAE WEST worked with Marc Breaux on her last film "Sexette."
• • Marc Breaux [3 November 1924 — 19 November 2013] • •
• • Born in Louisiana, Marc Breaux came into this world on Monday, 3 November 1924.  He studied dance at a college now called the University of Louisiana. Then he did his military service in the US Navy as a wartime pilot, based in the Philippines. He entertained some post-war ambitions for a medical career. However,  when he visited New York for an interview as a laboratory assistant, he made the time to audit a modern dance class taught by two celebrated choreographers, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. His dancing feet led him on a different path.
• • Breaux danced on Broadway in several notable productions.  In later years he went to the West Coast and became a choreographer, occasionally take the time to direct, and he was celebrated for his imaginative work on the musical films of the 1960s and 1970s. He also knew how to make non-dancers such as Dick Van Dyke look good in a fizzy musical routine. Most of Breaux's well known work was in collaboration with Dee Dee Wood to whom he was married for many years (and with whom he had a son).
• • His last screen credit was as the choreographer for "Sextette" [1978] starring Mae West.
• • He and Dee Dee Wood had divorced several years before he died on Tuesday, 19 November 2013. His son survived him. Marc Breaux was 89.  
• • In November, Let's Remember Harry Richman [1895 — 1972] • •
• • Entertainer Harry Richman [10 August 1895 — 3 November 1972] was an actor, a singer, dancer, comedian, pianist, songwriter, bandleader, and cabaret performer. He was born Harold Reichman in Cincinnati, Ohio.
• • In 1966, his autobiography "A Hell of a Life" was published. In it he recounts his private and public relationship with Mae West.
• • Harry Richman married three times. All three marriages ended in divorce. He lived it up until age 77 and died in Hollywood, California in the month of November — — on 3 November 1972.
• • On Saturday, 3 November 1990 in The L.A. Times • •
• • When the Los Angeles Times ran his obit, this was the title: "Craig Russell, Actor And Widely Known Female Impersonator, Was Mae West Fan." The bio-note that touched on his career highlights, printed in the newspaper on Saturday, 3 November 1990, informed their West Coast readers that "Craig Russell, star of the 1977 film 'Outrageous,' hailed by critics as an insightful tale of the gay underworld in which a schizophrenic girl moves in with a struggling female impersonator, has died of a stroke resulting from AIDS, a Toronto hospital official said. He was 42. ..."
• • On Saturday, 3 November 2001 in The Scotsman • •
• • A book review of a Mae West biography by scholar Jill Watts ran on 3 November 2001. Critic Carole Morin wrote this first paragraph: Mae West was 39 by the time she made it to Hollywood as the big blonde who had lost her reputation and never missed it. She began performing at the age of four, encouraged by her pushy mom, Tillie, and her boxer father, bad Jack. Tillie ran a bootleg hotel for Owney Madden, owner of the Cotton Club, giving mineral water-drinking Mae and her alcoholic sister opportunities for affairs with gangsters and actors. ...
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper will appear in one picture each per year.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Honey, I've always got a new trick. Come up and see me sometime, and bring an old dog with you."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Cornell Daily Sun mentioned Mae West.
• • "Mae West — — The world's most publicized woman" • •
• • Lent's Music Store (116 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY) was excited about Mae West on November 3rd.
• • Mae West's new Brunswick Phonograph Records — — "I'm No Angel," "I Found a New Way to Go to Town," "I Want You, I Need You," "They Call Me Sister Honky-Tonk" all sung by Mae West! 
• • Source: Item in The Cornell Daily Sun; published on Friday, 3 November 1933
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