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Mae West: Man-Killing Prowess

Even in her hometown newspapers, the name of MAE WEST received a different response depending upon the critic. While many reviewers praised her performance as the relentless seductress Mavis Arden, The Brooklyn Eagle's man on the aisle (Winston Burdett) was not ready to succumb.  Awwww.
• • "Go West Young Man" Stars Mae West • •
• • The Screen by Winston Burdett • • 
• • Winston Burdett wrote: The latest motion picture from Paramount Pictures starring Mae West  bears the appropriate title "Go West Young Man." In accordance with the spirit of the titular pun, Miss West has transformed the entire comedy into a strictly personal exhibition of her man-killing prowess, and seldom, indeed, has she treated her admirers to so sustained an orgy of eye-rolling and hip-waving as this one, in her role as Mavis Arden.
• • Winston Burdett continued: In the present picture, you might reasonably expect that her particular brand of suggestive vulgarity would bring out all that was most pointed and amusing in the Lawrence Riley comedy, but I regret to say that it has  had just the opposite effect. As paradoxical as it may seem, La Belle West's undulatory method has flattened the work out. It is no longer the satiric romp it was on Broadway; it is a mildly rowdy piece, too blunt to be clever and tediously laden with the familiar West innuendoes.  . . .
• • Winston Burdett concluded:  "Go West Young Man" is a Paramount picture, directed by Henry Hathaway from a screen play by Mae West, based on the play, "Personal Appearance'' by Lawrence Riley;  presented by Adolph Zukor at the New York Paramount Theater with a cast including Mae West, Randolph Scott, Warren William, Lyle Talbot, Jack LaRue, Elizabeth Patterson, Alice Brady, and Isabel Jewell.
• • Source: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (NYC); published on Thursday, 19 November 1936.
• • On Saturday, 19 November 1927 • •
• • When Mae's play "The Wicked Age" opened, The New York Times reacted with alarm: "The whole was in the best Mae West school of playwriting . . . ." Yes, you're right; this was never meant to be a compliment.
• • The curtain clanged down on "The Wicked Age" on Saturday, 19 November 1927.
• • On Thursday, 19 November 1936 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • During the 1930s, publications were still spelling the star's first name as either "May" or "Mae," sometimes using both spellings in the same article.
• • J.T.M. penned the movie review of "Go West Young Man," which was printed in the Times on Thursday, 19 November 1936. His title read "May West at the Paramount in Go West, Young Man" [sic].
• • J.T.M. wrote: "The suasively undulating May West (sic) is back on the Paramount screen with a new and engagingly robustious . . . ." Robustious, yes. Exactly.
• • On Tuesday, 19 November 1996 • •
• • A CD by Mae West "I'm No Angel" was released on the British label Jasmine on Tuesday, 19 November 1996.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Mae West will open casino" • •
• • Las Vegas, Monday — Mae West will open soon a gambling restaurant-casino at Las Vegas.
• • Her lawyer. Charles Catt, announced today that Mae West would be a featured attraction in the casino's floor shows.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "That picture was a mistake from the word 'Shoot!'''
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Daily Illini mentioned Mae West.
• • Cinemaguild presents Mae West in "Go West Young Man" and "She Done Him Wrong" this Friday and Saturday at 112 Gregory Hall 8 p.m.  Open to students, faculty, staff.
• • Source: Item in Daily Illini; published on Wednesday, 19 November 1969
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