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Mae West: Limo Convo

Mrs. Anne Rea, the hair dresser for MAE WEST, was invited to join the tour. The interview took place in the back seat of a car.  Roll down the driver's side window and eavesdrop.
• • "Talk in Mae's Auto" • •
• • When Miss West went to talk to Mrs. Rea, she arrived in a limousine, complete with a white fur rug. The two talked in the car.
• • Mrs. Rea traveled with two shows — — "Diamond Lil" and "Come on Up and Ring Twice" — — with Mae West as the star. During one show, Miss West wore more than $1 million worth of her own jewels. Brinks men were all over the place, Mrs. Rea recalled and smiled. Mrs. Rea said that she would wear one diamond bracelet under her smock for Miss West, who did not like to leave the jewelry in the dressing room.
• • One night, Miss West left without getting her bracelet, and Mrs. Rea (unmarried at the time) was afraid to go back to her hotel alone. The stage electrician volunteered to be her escort. The two became acquainted — — and later were married. 
• • Mrs. Rea described her boss as "a real lady, who liked men, but didn't date much."
• • This lengthy 1956 interview, offered in three parts, will be concluded tomorrow.
• • Source:  Article: "Stylist for Mae West Visits in Racine" for The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin (Racine, Wisconsin); published on Sunday, 25 March 1956.
• • On Tuesday, 27 March 1928 • •
• • Gaspere Biondolillo took the Americanized stage name of Jack LaRue.
• • Jack LaRue [3 May 1902 — 11 January 1984] was part of the original Broadway cast when Mae West brought her hit "Diamond Lil" to the Royale Theatre on Monday, 9 April 1928.
• • Think of the excitement on March 27th, as the cast was having their dress rehearsals and posing for promotional stills at White Studio.
• • Onstage Jack LaRue played Lil's Latin lover Juarez. [Gilbert Roland played that role, under the Russian moniker Sergei, in the film version "She Done Him Wrong" [1932].
• • "Darlene Violette channels Mae West to perfection!" — Stu Hamstra • •
• • PHOTO: Darlene Violette as Diamond Lil and Juan Sebastian Cortes as Pablo Juarez.
• • "Diamond Lil" is hoping to be back onstage this summer.
• • On Thursday, 27 March 1930 • •
• • An article on Mae's on-going "Pleasure Man" woes — — "Trial of Mae West Delayed Third Time” — — was printed on page 20 of The New York Times on Thursday, 27 March 1930.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • John Miljan says Mae West is such a talented actress that the camera is unable to do justice to her many subtleties of characterization and depths of feeling.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Don't crowd me, boys! There's enough for all!"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Film Daily mentioned Mae West. 
• • Ralph Wilk wrote: "Hallelujah, I'm a Saint," a story by Marion Morgan and George B. Dowell, has been purchased by Paramount to provide additional material for the next Mae West starring picture. She will incorporate certain sequences of the newly purchased story and "Lulu Was a Lady," purchased two weeks ago from Frank Mitchell Dazey.
• • Source: Film Daily; published on Thursday, 16 May 1935 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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  1. It's great sleuthing on the part of the Mae West Blog that interesting facts emerge on this site, such as the ongoing three part "Stylist for Mae West Visits in Racine." For all her fame and notoriety, Miss West was a private individual who lived her personal life away from the footlights of Hollywood, which was no small feat considering she lived near the interaction of Vine and Melrose for 47 years. It is glimpses into the day to day life of the real person, such as discussed in this article that are so fascinating. Thanks for sharing this!