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Mae West: At Casino Royale

"MAE WEST Still Knows it All" was a delightful bit written by O.H. Brandon. Let's turn back the clock to Friday, 25 March 1955, and spy on the diamond draped diva and her dancing men who were booked at Casino Royale in Washington at the time.
• • "She Stripped Sex of its Secrecy and Reduced It to a Joke" • •
• • O.H. Brandon wrote: Since I belong to a generation which learned the essence of the meaning of Mae West via those bulging inflated life jackets they used to hang around our necks . . . I decided to go to Washington's Casino Royale where the authentic goddess of a past generation is now making a dramatic comeback.
• • "Goodness," said somebody to Mae as we sat down, "what a beautiful diamond necklace you have on!" . . . 
• • "Goodness," replied Mae West, in her famous nasal whine, "had nothing to do with it." . . .
• • O.H. Brandon continued: Mae never tries, never strives. With every word, every move she indicates that she knows she has it all.  ... [N.B.: A delicious excerpt of a very sweet article written long ago.]
• •  Source:  "Mae West Still Knows it All" rpt in The Singapore Free Press; published on Friday, 25 March 1955.
• • On Tuesday, 25 March 1924 in Texas • •
• • On Tuesday, 25 March 1924 Mae West appeared on a vaudeville program at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.
• • On Wednesday, 25 March 1959 in Variety • •
• • Variety seemed to delight in sending a critic out-of-town to see Mae West, even when she was billed at the Chi Chi in Palm Springs, and then cutting her down. Variety had some nice words for "the quartet in tails and top hats" that accompanied the Hollywood icon. However, Variety could not resist sniping, "She looks tired."
• • When Variety ran this coverage on Wednesday, 25 March 1959, Mae West was then 65 1/2 years old and still performing to huge crowds of older Mae-mavens and her new fans.
• • On Friday, 25 March 1977 • •
• • From Monday, 6 December 1976 until Friday, 25 March 1977 — — this was the shooting schedule in Hollywood for "Sextette," starring eighty-three-year-old movie star, Mae West in her final screen role [citation from the book "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of the Who 1958 — 1978" written by Andrew Neill, Matthew Kent, Roger Daltrey, Chris Stamp].
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West will leave Hollywood for Alaska next month to get local color for her next
Paramount picture.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • To Harry Richman, Mae West said: "That lisp is distinctive. It could be the makin' of ya."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Variety mentioned Mae West. 
• • "Mae West, Author, Loses Her Pianist" • •
• • "Richman Going with Nora Bayes' Show" • •
• • With four weeks laid out for her act over the Keith time, starting last week at the Davis, Pittsburgh, Mae West was unable to start the engagement through Harry Rlchman, her pianist, suddenly accepting an engagement with Nora Bayes for Miss Bayes' new show.
• • Since Richman left her, Miss West has been looking for another ivory player and will take to the vaudeville route when securing one.
• • Meanwhile the comedienne, in collaboration, is writing a farce comedy she intends shall star herself, but be produced by managerial forces. 
• • Source: "Vaudeville" in Variety; published on Friday, 8 September 1922 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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• • Mae West in 1953

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