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Mae West: Carrot Juice Diet

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• • Speaking of food and feasting, the Brooklyn bombshell told Hollywood correspondent Erskine Johnson: "People just don't eat right. For breakfast, I have sliced apples and raisins. Or fruit with a syrup made of powdered almonds, milk, and honey. At night all I have is a salad. During the day I drink carrot juice."
• • Erskine Johnson wrote: "Honey," Mae West said, as we belted the stuff in her luxurious Santa Monica beach home, "this is what does it. And if I'm going to look like I do today, I wouldn't mind living to be 100."  ...
• • Source: syndicated column: "Hollywood: Carrot Juice Diet Is Mae West's Secret" written by Erskine Johnson, rpt by Park City Daily News; published on Tuesday, 19 June 1962‎.
• • On Monday, 28 November 1932 • •
• • At the MPPDA board meeting on Monday, 28 November 1932, Adolph Zukor made promises to Will Hays that only "suitable material" would find its way into the script and the "Diamond Lil" title was already gone.
• • On Saturday, 28 November 1936 • •
• • Did you spot Mae West in the animated cartoon "The Coo-Coo Nut Grove" [1936]?
• • Take an amusing visit to a Hollywood night club. The illustrators created caricatures of  Mae West as well as Walter Winchell, Hugh Herbert, W.C. Fields, Katharine Hepburn, Johnny Weissmuller, Harpo Marx, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Clark Gable, Groucho Marx, Edward G. Robinson, etc.
• • The 60-minute cartoon feature was first aired in November — — on Saturday, 28 November 1936.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
Carl Brisson stands behind Mae
• • Carl Brisson presented Mae West with a duck. She takes the duck to the studio every day and lets him swim in the fish pond. She calls him "Scram" because whenever she says "scram!" to him he hides under the sofa.
• • Photo:  Paramount Pictures industry event on Monday, 15 October 1934 in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel. Pictured, left to right, seated are Gary Cooper, Mae West, Emanuel Cohen, and Arline Judge. Standing: W.C. Fields (hidden by an ugly watermark) with Carl Brisson (middle), and director Wesley Ruggles.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I had in mind several stories as possibilities. And between shows I secluded myself at my hotel or in my dressing room and did some real work."
• • Mae West said: “Look your best. Who said love is blind?”
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Winnipeg Tribune mentioned Mae West and Carl Brisson.
• • Carl Brisson [24 December 1893 — 25 September 1958] was a Danish-born prizefighter, who was active in the ring between 1912 — 1915. He began acting in productions staged in London. When he came to Hollywood, he was featured as an actor and a singer in a dozen films made before 1935. 
• • The Winnipeg Tribune wrote: Carl Brisson stars, and here is a real two fisted and always working actor. Picked by Mae West as an ideal man, Brisson shows that he has the goods and justifies Mae's choice. Brisson was brought out from England to show things to Hollywood stars and this is one of his first exhibitions. Watch this gentlemen. If he stays with the Hollywood game, instead of returning to the legitimate stage in England, he will be heard from. . . .
• • Source: The Winnipeg Tribune (page 14); published on Saturday, 30 June 1934 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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