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Mae West: Mural and More

The American comedy classic "I'm No Angel" starring MAE WEST will be shown at Emory University (among other venues) shortly. Details to follow.
• • On Monday, 27 August 1934 • •
• • "Prince Regent Theatre Mae West To-morrow Night" • •
• • Gippsland Times wrote:  At the Prince Regent Theatre next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday comes Mae West, the "come-up-and-see-me sometime" girl in "'I'm No Angel," her latest picture. In this picture, Mae is starred as a circus entertainer and a lion tamer who crashes in on high society. Cary Grant and Edward Arnold are included in the supporting cast. Mae sings these song hits: "That Dallas Man," "I'm No Angel." "I've Found a New Way to Go to Town."  
• • Source: Gippsland Times (Australia) on page 1; published on Monday, 27 August 1934.
• • On Monday, 27 August 1934 • •
• • Film Daily wrote: About $15,000 in presents was passed around by Mae West to those who helped in the retakes of her new Paramount picture, "Belle of the Nineties."
• • Source: Article: "Mae West Plays Santa Claus'' written by the West Coast Bureau of The Film Daily, Hollywood, for Film Daily; published on 27 August 1934.
• • The L.A. Times printed a similar item on Monday, 27 August 1934.
• • On Friday, 27 August 1976 • •
• • The Times Sunday Review interviewed people who knew Mae West. The actress had attended the theatre with friends and after the show they asked what she thought of it. And Mae had replied: "I kept concentrating on making my mind wander. It [the play] made me realize there's less to life than sex."
• • Source: The Times Sunday Review published in the UK on Friday, 27 August 1976.
• • See "Diamond Lil" in September! • •
• • By popular demand, actress Darlene Violette — — and the wonderful cast who brought the Bowery denizens and Suicide Hall’s ne’er-do-wells to life — — will return in “Diamond Lil” for two 7 o’clock performances at Don’t Tell Mama [343 W. 46th Street] on Sunday September 15th and 22nd.  Come up and see for yourself.
• • Read a Review of "Diamond Lil" • •
• • L'Idea Magazine's editors attended four times and had a lot to say. Here's the link: http://www.lideamagazine.com/usa-still-entertaining-mae-wests-diamond-lil-makes-new-fans-in-new-york-city/
• • Staying faithful to the gritty themes in the novel, LindaAnn Loschiavo trimmed the stage play by Mae West to 85 minutes for a cast of eight.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Pa's in California with me.  He spends his time reading the sporting editions, one foot on the mantlepiece and the other tucked under him.  He's always been one of my two best pals, and I'm obliged to him for the physique he gave me."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The obituary of an extraordinary man mentioned the Florida mural he commissioned of Mae West and W.C. Fields.  We take off our hat to Bill Bissi, may he rest in peace.
• • Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer Andrew Meacham reported: New Port Richey, Florida — Anyone driving north on Grand Boulevard has undoubtedly seen the mural gracing the side of Bissi and Associates Disability Advocates in the heart of downtown. In the foreground of a scene set in the 1930s, a young couple lounges by a brick wall in a casual embrace. Behind them, Mae West and W.C. Fields stand on the front porch of the Hotel Newport, a landmark in a time when producers flirted with the idea of making movies in New Port Richey.
• • Andrew Meacham explained: The mural represents William L. "Bill" Bissi, who commissioned it in 2007, and his wife Dorothy, who died later that year. The kids playing nearby are their children.
• • Andrew Meacham continued: If the scene denotes one kind of timelessness, the business itself represents another. Mr. Bissi founded Bissi and Associates in 1982 — at age 66 — after 35 years working for the Social Security Administration.  Mr. Bissi died August 16 in the Medical Center of Trinity of kidney failure. He was 97. ...
• • Source: Obituary in Tampa Bay Times by Staff Writer Andrew Meacham; published on Saturday, 24 August 2013 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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• • Mae West Diamond Lil returned for Mae's birthday

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