Monday, August 19, 2013

Mae West: Doing Her Proud

In "Diamond Lil," MAE WEST had her hands full with Chick Clark, a former flame from Chicago, seeking revenge; Gus Jordan, King of the Bowery, her jealous live-in paramour; and a new love interest from Rio, Pablo Juarez, who is in New York City as Rita's (ahem) "assistant." Then she notices Captain Cummings from the Bowery Rescue Mission.  Uh-oh. Written in 1928, Mae's play was three hours long, with 33 actors in the cast.
• • A new 85-minute adaptation by dramatist LindaAnn Loschiavo trimmed the cast members to 9 and preserved all the grittiness of Mae's script — the illicit sexual encounters, the white slavery themes, the criminal elements, and the bold language
— ingredients that Paramount Pictures carefully erased from the screenplay of their 1932 motion picture "She Done Him Wrong," a film that was 66 minutes long.
• • Darlene Violette brought Diamond Lil to life so expertly that she mesmerized the entire audience and she did Mae West proud.
• • As the crowd was exiting, several individuals remarked on the bravura performance by Darlene Violette.  "Watching her, listening to her deliver her lines, I felt Mae West had come to life again," said Francis Marino and many other attendees.
• • There was a full house on August 17th and again on August 18th. There were bursts of applause all evening when a scene ended. Too excellent for words.
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• • Mae West said: "Mmmm, tall, dark, and handsome."  
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