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Mae West: Myra's Chance

MAE WEST received top billing in "Myra Breckinridge" [1970] and Skip Ward was part of the credited cast and seen as Chance.
• • Skip Ward [12 September 1932 — 27 June 2003] • •
• • Born in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, 12 September 1932 was a sweet tyke called Rufus King Ward IV.  He served his country in the US Air Force as a pilot. Then by the age of 26 he had skipped on his birth name and had begun to whip out his headshot.
• • From 1958 — 1994, Skip Ward was seen on TV in guest-starring roles as well as in Hollywood motion pictures, where he often was the fellow in a uniform (sailor, crew member, military policeman, cop, football player, officer, captain, lieutenant, milkman). Altogether he took part in 43 productions on the silver screen and on various TV series such as "The Gertrude Berg Show," where he played an ongoing character.
• • Skip Ward was 38 years old when he worked with Mae West and the "Myra Breckinridge" cast.
• • From 1978 — 2000, Skip Ward got involved with being a producer and worked on a dozen projects such as the popular TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard" and several erotic fantasy videos for Playboy. Mae West was interviewed for the January 1971 issue of Playboy.
• • Skip Ward retired in 2000.  He died of natural causes in Calabasas, California on Friday, 27 June 2003.  He was 70. The actor-producer was buried in California at Riverside National Cemetery.
• • On Friday, 25 June 1926 • •
• • It was on Friday, 25 June 1926 that Mae West appeared with Al Jolson — — as well as Houdini and other entertainers (such as George M. Cohan, Fanny Brice, the Marx Brothers, Ann Pennington, Hazel Dawn, Eddie Foy, etc.) — — at the Polo Grounds on West 155th Street in Manhattan's Washington Heights area. The fundraiser was for the benefit of the United Jewish Campaign.
• • On Monday, 25 June 1934 • • 
• • An amusing cartoon appeared on page 3 in the newspaper Recorder (Port Pirie, Australia) on Monday, 25 June 1934. Two matrons are discussing Mae West.
• • Matron # 1:  "Me 'usband sez you remind 'im of Mae West."
• • Matron # 2:  "Does 'e, now? Y'll 'ave ter tell 'im to come up and see me some time."
• • Several of Mae's motion pictures had done well in movie houses Down Under by that time. In 1934, the American sex symbol was certainly a hot topic. 
• • It's odd, however, that an Australian cartoonist would sketch a lady so obviously overweight and unattractive as the woman who reminds a neighbor's husband of Mae West. What do you think of this one?
• • On Monday, 25 June 1956 at Idlewild Airport • •
• • When Mae West took a TWA flight from Los Angeles to New York City, her plane landed at Idlewild Airport on Monday, 25 June 1956.  She waved to fans, who were thrilled to greet her as she disembarked with Charles Krauser.  The fight in her dressing room in Washington, DC had suddenly brought "Mr. California" into focus.
• • On Thursday, 25 June 1970 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • "Myra Breckinridge" opened in wide release on June 24th.
• •  An article written by Howard Thompson was printed in The N.Y. Times on page 54 on Thursday, 25 June 1970:  "Mae West, 76, Still Finding New Generations of Fans." A wonderful piece by Mr. Thompson.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Tongues have wagged, and the story has been told that my manager, James Timoney, is my husband."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Morning Bulletin mentioned Mae West.
• • "'It Ain't No Sin' — Mae West Film Banned in New York" • •
• • Hollywood, June 25th — On the eve of its release, Mae West's new film, 'It Ain't No Sin,' has been banned in New York State. Officials of the Paramount Company state that this film will be recalled and considerably altered before it is released. ...
• • Source: Morning Bulletin; published on Thursday, 28 June 1934
• • By the Numbers • • 
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